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Movies for sale on eBay:
super 8mm archival case reel 400 foot
Super 8mm Archival Case Reel 400 Foot
super 8mm film the incredible shrinking
Super 8mm Film The Incredible Shrinking
super 8mm film the mummy 200 ft sound
Super 8mm Film The Mummy 200 Ft Sound
born free 1974 super 8 mm b w sound 200
Born Free 1974 Super 8 Mm B W Sound 200
demolition derby super 8mm castle films
Demolition Derby Super 8mm Castle Films
rebel rousers 400 super 8 color sound jack
Rebel Rousers 400 Super 8 Color Sound Jack
superman cartoon bulletteers super 8 sound
Superman Cartoon Bulletteers Super 8 Sound
super 8 8mm film storage case box
Super 8 8mm Film Storage Case Box
1967 super 8 8mm bugs bunny in hiawatha
1967 Super 8 8mm Bugs Bunny In Hiawatha
super 8 8mm moon zero two 565 1970 warner
Super 8 8mm Moon Zero Two 565 1970 Warner
super 8mm film the incredible jewel
Super 8mm Film The Incredible Jewel
vintage 5 reel super 8 star wars selected
Vintage 5 Reel Super 8 Star Wars Selected
super 8 film frankenstein meets the space
Super 8 Film Frankenstein Meets The Space
walt disney super 8 color snow white
Walt Disney Super 8 Color Snow White
blazing saddles super 8 colour sound 400ft
Blazing Saddles Super 8 Colour Sound 400ft
super 8 reels 400ft tuscan reels cases
Super 8 Reels 400ft Tuscan Reels Cases
lot of 5 super 8mm films star wars
Lot Of 5 Super 8mm Films Star Wars
super 8 film frankenstein meets the wolf
Super 8 Film Frankenstein Meets The Wolf
stagecoach 1939 standard 8mm sound not
Stagecoach 1939 Standard 8mm Sound Not
super 8 sound the amos n andy show 1952
Super 8 Sound The Amos N Andy Show 1952
battle of apache pass super 8mm castle
Battle Of Apache Pass Super 8mm Castle
star wars 1977 800 super 8 color sound
Star Wars 1977 800 Super 8 Color Sound
super 8 sound color bugs bunny gets the
Super 8 Sound Color Bugs Bunny Gets The
super 8 film goofys glider walt disney
Super 8 Film Goofys Glider Walt Disney
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Have a 8mm. movie party!

Have your own 8mm. festival at home, buy a couple of campy super 8 movies, a cheap super 8 projector with or without sound and invite all your friends, success guaranteed!

There are many genres to choose frome: horror, zombie, sci-fi, comedy, cartoons and so on. You can also find documentaries or old home movies, which can can be very intriguing. Better: let your audience choose what to show and make sure the program doesn't take too long. Fill a table with your 8mm. collection and let your guests pick which they want to see. Show movies from 2 to max. 10 minutes.

In the old days up to the 1980s, you could hire or buy these films in special stores.

Old home movies

I've got a huge collection of super 8 movies and also some home-movies from the twenties till the eighties. These are often boring... but sometimes you find a gem and you will be flabbergasted what other amateur-film makers choose as subject. I have for example a home movie from around 1970. The former owner was on vacation in I think Austria and only filmed men with enormous mustaches! Close-up! These men obviously think it was strange they were filmed, you can see it on their faces. get that film projector up and running show some super 8 movies!

super 8 movies
Updated: 27 January 2020

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