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Have a 8mm. movie party!

Have your own 8mm. festival at home, buy a couple of campy super 8 movies, a cheap super 8 projector with or without sound and invite all your friends, success guaranteed!

Want make your own 8mm movie? Shop here for Super 8 film cartridges!

There are many genres to choose frome: horror, zombie, sci-fi, comedy, cartoons and so on. You can also find documentaries or old home movies, which can can be very intriguing. Better: let your audience choose what to show and make sure the program doesn't take too long. Fill a table with your 8mm. collection and let your guests pick which they want to see. Show movies from 2 to max. 10 minutes.

In the old days up to the 1980s, you could hire or buy these films in special stores.

Old home movies

I've got a huge collection of super 8 movies and also some home-movies from the twenties till the eighties. These are often boring... but sometimes you find a gem and you will be flabbergasted what other amateur-film makers choose as subject. I have for example a home movie from around 1970. The former owner was on vacation in I think Austria and only filmed men with enormous mustaches! Close-up! These men obviously think it was strange they were filmed, you can see it on their faces. get that film projector up and running show some super 8 movies!

super 8 movies
Updated: 27 January 2020

Movies value and price guide

What's your Movies worth? Here are some recently sold items on eBay.

Camera Title Date Sold for
breitling aviator super 8 b20 titanium auto 46mm Breitling Aviator Super 8 B20 Titanium Auto 46mm... 10/2021 $3 321.50
breitling aviator super 8 b20 auto steel mens Breitling Aviator Super 8 B20 Auto Steel Mens... 10/2021 $2 725.45
breitling aviator super 8 b20 steel auto 46mm Breitling Aviator Super 8 B20 Steel Auto 46mm... 08/2021 $2 720.90
msi aegis rs 10se 011us intel core i9 10900kf rtx Msi Aegis Rs 10se 011us Intel Core I9 10900kf Rtx... 07/2021 $1 900.00
kymco super 8 150 Kymco Super 8 150... 08/2021 $1 775.00
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices10/2021-.--

Movies forum

Questions or stories? Share them here.

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guiseppe - May 9, 2021
Do you have have feature film Super 8 the Trap Oliver Reed and Rita tushingham
James - March 31, 2021
Do you or anyone happen to have a copy of super 8mm trailer for The Big Boss that starred Bruce Lee? If so how much?
Marty - October 22, 2020
I have the following items for sale: 8mm Home Movies, all new in original boxes plus more The Adventures of Tarzan in Savage Fury with superimposed titles #54, Oswald the Rabbit, Castle Films, Circus Jamboree, Castle Films, Chimp’s Last Chance, 8mm complete edition. Mr. Magoo Bungled Bungalow, 8mm Home Movie, silent edition, Castle Films, Abbott and Costello Comedies
Ed - October 10, 2020
I am looking for any 8mm newsreels both foreign and American. Do you have any or know anyone who does?
Bruce - June 12, 2020
Hi, I want to sell my super 8mm sound collection of shorts and features. Also have a Bolex SM 8 and 3 Elmo reg/super 8 projectors.
Mark - May 20, 2020
Scope films.
Russ - May 6, 2020
Do you have any other super8 film for sale that is not listed?
Karma - May 6, 2020
I have a 8mm copy of Dracula featuring Bela Lugosi. How much would you say it's worth?
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JohnKarma - May 6, 2020
With sound, about 30-40 USD, silent, 10-20 USD.
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KarmaJohn - May 6, 2020
Thanks for the reply, John! It's more about the nostalgia anyway. 😊
Show reply
JohnKarma - May 6, 2020
One of my prized possessions is the movie 'Dark Star', full feature on super 8 😊
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