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Super 8 Film for sale

Did you know that there are more than 20 different super 8 film available on the market? Low/high grain, black & white, negative & color reversal! For excellent footage samples of stock, visit Vimeo or YouTube.

Because Kodachrome K40 is pretty dead (RIP), many people are wondering if their camera can take 100D Ektachrome or maybe other filmstock. Kodachrome has been replaced by 64T -> ...has been replaced by Ektachrome 100d -> ...has been replaced by Vision3 50d (well not really because this is a negative film....) and in 2018 Kodak brought back to life Kodak Ektachrome 100D [7294] Color Reversal Film.

Color super 8 film stock

Kodak Ektachrome 100D

ektachrome 100d Some older cameras loaded with Ektachrome 100D may automatically set the exposure to ISO 160. In many situations, results at an ISO 160 exposure setting (approx. 1/2 stop underexposed) would still be acceptable. The majority of super 8 cameras made prior to 1970 came with a fixed film exposure setting of ISO 40. At an ISO 40 exposure setting (approx. 1 1/4 stop overexposed), this film would require either the use of a neutral density filter (0.3 ND) or process E-6 'Pull Processing' to compensate for this overexposure. Prior to exposing the film at an ISO 40 setting, verify with your developing laboratory that they offer the appropriate E-6 'Pull Process.' Want to know more info about the Ektachrome 100D Color Reversal Film 7285? Download Kodak's Ektachrome 100d technical data sheets (PDF). Reversal film for motion imaging has a powerful ability to emulate reality and bring a story to life. Film is about depth; it's about nuance of color, flow of movement. Super 8 EKTACHROME 100D Color Reversal Film delivers the power of film. The film process is E-6.
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Kodak Ektachrome 64T

ektachrome 64t super 8 filmThis Super 8 mm format film offers excellent color reproduction, fine grain and high sharpness. EKTACHROME 64T Color Reversal Film 7280 is a 64-speed tungsten balanced film with outstanding reciprocity characteristics, which give consistent color balance over a wide range of exposures. The film process is E-6.
DISCONTINUED. Looking for Ektachrome 64T? Try here: Kodak Ektachrome 64T for sale.

Kodak VISION 50D

Super 8mm VISION3 50DFeatures unrivaled highlight latitude, flexibility in postproduction, and proven archival stability. The expanded dynamic range allows for increased creative control in the extremes of exposure, especially high contrast daylight exteriors. Process ECN-2.

Kodak VISION3 500T

Super 8mm kodak VISION3 500TA high speed film featuring several technical innovations that deliver improved exposure latitude-so you can capture an amazing amount of shadow detail with noticeably lower grain, or rely on the extended highlight latitude and follow the action into bright light without worrying about blown-out details. Process ECN-2.

Kodak VISION3 200T

super 8mm Kodak Vision3 200TPerforms superbly in both controlled interiors and in challenging high-contrast situations. Increased highlight latitude so you can move faster on set a pull more detail out of highlights. Reduced grain in shadows so you can push the boundaries of underexposure and still get outstanding results. KODAK VISION3 200T Color Negative Film 7213 delivers the image structure of a 100-speed film with the versatility of a 200-speed product, offering you the benefits of two films in one. Process ECN-2.

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Fuji VelviaFuji Velvia 50 Daylight reversal : Tests have shown grain and sharpness to be similar to Kodachrome 40 film (and far superior to Ektachrome 64T). Color and latitude, however, are better than K-40, offering more detail in the shadows and saturation in every hue pushed to the extreme!

Reloadable cartridge

While Kodak Super 8 mm cartridges cannot be reloaded, a super 8 reloadable cartridge was manufactured in the former USSR:
reloadable cartridge

There is also a reloadable super-8 cartridge from GK Film Germany. Check it out on YouTube.

Black & white super-8 stock

PLUS-XKodak Plus-X B&W Reversal: A medium-speed, panchromatic black-and-white film suitable for general exterior photography. It has a high degree of sharpness, good contrast, and tonal gradation. It can also be used in interior photography with ample artificial illumination. DISCONTINUED
TRI-XKodak Tri-X B&W Reversal: Offers finer grain and increased sharpness, and includes EASTMAN KEYKODE Numbers for easy cross-reference of shots in minutes, not hours. Reduced static support allows for a cleaner image throughout the filmmaking process.

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Double Super-8

Double Super 8 mm film is a 16mm. wide film but has super-8 size sprockets. It is used in the same way as standard 8mm film in that the film is run through the camera twice, exposing one side on each pass. After processing, the film is split down the middle and the two pieces spliced together to produce a single strip for projection in a Super 8 projector. Because it has sprockets on both sides of the film, the pin-registration is superior to super 8 film and so picture stability is better.

I have filmed a lot with DS-8. The Czech firm FOMA still makes 100 ASA regular-8, 16mm. and double-super-8 reversal black/white film. At Wittner they have the same stock put in super-8 cartridges. It's not expensive and it's great to work with. It's called FOMAPAN R 100.

Fomapan R100 DS-8Fomapan R100 Zenith Quarz DS-8Zenith Quarz DS-8 camera

You can use with camera's like: Canon Scoopic DS-8 (expensive!) or the cheap Zenith Quarz DS-8 wind-up camera's (good quality, filmed with myself).

Canon Scoopic
Canon Scoopic Double Super 8 - Zoom DS-8

Where to find double super-8:

Looking for regular-8? Check out Filmphotographystore for their Cine8 range. For more super 8 film take a look at

Updated: 2 June 2020
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