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Looking for a 8mm film splicer or super 8 splicer? Make sure you buy the right splicer for the right format. Usually the older metal ones work with special glue, which might be difficult to get hold of. Newer splicers are made of plastic and use special adhesive tape.

If the splicer takes 8mm and 16mm it means that it can only take normal/regular 8mm. and not super 8mm.

8mm Film Splicer value and price guide

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Camera Title Date Sold for
yashica super 60 su 60 e super 8mm film camera w Yashica Super 60 Su 60 E Super 8mm Film Camera W... 07/2021 $49.99
2 splicer 16mm 8mm dr leo catozzo film equipment 2 Splicer 16mm 8mm Dr Leo Catozzo Film Equipment... 05/2021 $202.50
vernon sansei koki 808 dual deluxe 8mm super 8 Vernon Sansei Koki 808 Dual Deluxe 8mm Super 8... 06/2021 $125.99
maier hancock 8 16 mm professional hot slicer Maier Hancock 8 16 Mm Professional Hot Slicer... 07/2021 $128.00
sears du all dual 8 8mm motorized action movie Sears Du All Dual 8 8mm Motorized Action Movie... 06/2021 $74.95
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices09/2021-.--
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Iftekhar - August 12, 2021
Hi This is Iftekhar from Toronto. I am new in super 8 world. I like to buy a "Kodak presstape universal splicer". Does it support super 8 format? any kind of splicing tape works with it other than Kodak tape? Your reply will be highly appreciated. Thanks
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8mm Film Splicer for sale on eBay
Hp 8mm Film Quik
Hp 8mm Film Quik Splice Automatic
8mm 16mm Movie Film
8mm 16mm Movie Film Splicer
Kodak Presstape
Kodak Presstape Universal Splicer 8
Hudson Hip Quik
Hudson Hip Quik Splice Automatic
Excel Film Splicer
Excel Film Splicer 8mm 16mm In Box
Kalart Craig Master
Kalart Craig Master Six Splicer 8mm
Argus Mansfield
Argus Mansfield Reporter 8mm Manual
Mansfield Little Gem
Mansfield Little Gem 8mm 16mm Film
Cine Kodak Duo
Cine Kodak Duo Splicer Outfit 8mm
Hollywood Automat
Hollywood Automat Stainless Steel
Hudson Quik Splice
Hudson Quik Splice Automatic Super
Kodak Presstape
Kodak Presstape Movie Splicer 8mm
1960 S Kalart Custom
1960 S Kalart Custom 8 Splicer 8mm
Hp Quik Splice Dual
Hp Quik Splice Dual 8 Movie Film
Zzx Bx Craig Senior
Zzx Bx Craig Senior 8 15mm Film
Baia 8mm Or 16mm
Baia 8mm Or 16mm Movie Film Splicer
Guillotine C I R
Guillotine C I R Ciro Catozzo Super
Hybrid Revere 8mm
Hybrid Revere 8mm Film Splicer
Hollywood Automat
Hollywood Automat 8mm 16mm
Kodak Usa Junior
Kodak Usa Junior Movie Splicer 8mm
Hahnel Tapematic
Hahnel Tapematic Film Splicer 8mm
Franklin Standard
Franklin Standard Film Splicer S
Revere Curvamatic
Revere Curvamatic 8mm 16mm S 200
Kodak Universal
Kodak Universal Splicer D550 8mm
Kodak Presstape
Kodak Presstape Universal Movie
Hollywood Automat
Hollywood Automat Stainless Steel
Hollywood Automat
Hollywood Automat Stainless Steel
U202759 Baia 8mm
U202759 Baia 8mm Film Splicer Movie
Franklin Standard
Franklin Standard Film Splicer 8mm
Franklin Super Film
Franklin Super Film Splicer S 100
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