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Have your own cinema, right in your living room. Show your latest creation or buy a couple of weird super 8 movies and surprise your friends. All you need is a white wall and a projector. Have fun!

What is the best super 8 projector?

Choose wisely when looking for a projector, there are many different brands and models out there ranging from cheap to too expensive. Don't forget to ask the seller any questions you have on the projector you're interested in. Did it run recently and consistent, does the bulb work, has it been serviced etc. If the seller doesn't have a clue, bid low and don't pay too much. Most projectors run with a 12v 100 watt halogen lamp.


After buying a 8mm projector clean it thoroughly, you don't want it to ruin your precious super-8mm movies.


Well known brands are: Chinon, Eumig, Elmo, Sankyo, Bell & Howell. My favourite brand of silent projectors is Eumig with variable speed, the dual 600 series. These are also capable of playing regular-8mm movies.

8mm sound

Don't forget to check if the projector is capable of playing super 8 sound movies if you have sound-striped films.

Updated: 17 March 2020

Super 8 Projector value and price guide

What's your Super 8 Projector worth? Here are some recently sold items on eBay.

Camera Title Date Sold for
con elmo gs 1200 super8 stereo sound movie Con Elmo Gs 1200 Super8 Stereo Sound Movie... 06/2021 $1 299.00
elmo gs 1200 super8 stereo sound movie projector Elmo Gs 1200 Super8 Stereo Sound Movie Projector... 08/2021 $399.00
bell howell 21dcm film projector super 8 sound Bell Howell 21dcm Film Projector Super 8 Sound... 05/2021 $375.00
elmo st 600 d m 2 track super 8mm sound projector Elmo St 600 D M 2 Track Super 8mm Sound Projector... 07/2021 $325.00
elmo st1200d magnetic optical super 8mm sound Elmo St1200d Magnetic Optical Super 8mm Sound... 07/2021 $360.00
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices09/2021-.--
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Super 8 Projector forum

Questions or stories? Share them here.

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Fortunato - March 2, 2020
Please if you can quote a Super 8 projector. I need the original projector. Thank you
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WebmasterFortunato - March 3, 2020
What projector do you need? Manufacturer, model? I don't sell them unfortunately...
HarvFortunato - April 21, 2020
I’ve a Bolex super 8 projector sound on sound available. Sold as is. I plugged it in and lamp lights and it all mechanically works, but I’ve no sound film. I used to have. It’s got all the cables, mike, original box instructions and a super 8 sound Kodak movie camera.
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GeneHarv - December 15, 2020
I have super 8 sound film how much do you want for the projector?
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HarvGene - December 17, 2020
$85 for everything, plus shipping
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WebmasterHarv - December 18, 2020
Let's see if you get a reply Harv, because I didn't get an email address from Gene...
Hugo - May 16, 2020
Hi there - I have a Eumig 501 d with isn’t grabbing the film and the belt has just gone. Keen to replace it if you have a recommendation? Many thanks!
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JohnHugo - May 18, 2020
Hi, I don't have a belt for your Eumig, but I same some on eBay, or you could have a look here: Eumig projectors. If you have replaced the belt, it will probably grab your film again :-)
InventPeaceNotWarHugo - July 17, 2020
If they belt is just "loose" or stretched, just diag 2 cuts, glue, press the diagaonal cuts together and presto its fixed WIThout having complete dissasembly. More detail: you can very easily just make 2 diagonal cuts* to cut out about 1/2" out of the belt, then splice using original super glue (not gel, It works very well, I tried to break a spliced test belt and it broke in another place, not the splice. This method means only partial disassembly just enough to get at part of the belt. if you are very careful (put clothes pin or other non damaging clip on both ends before cutting to prevent losing the belt into the pulley/works and losing track of where they go (TAKE A PICTURE FIRST from all angles so you can reconstruct how the belt goes around all the pulleys if you do lose one end of belt into the "works") *(to increase surface area to allow a bettery "grip" of the splice in the Belt)
David - June 27, 2020
I have a Sankyo dualux 1000 that I tried to use for the first time in 40 years. It has been in the original box and is very clean. The fan and lamp come on but there is no movement. I suspect that a belt or something deteriorated. Can you recommend a repair/reconditioning company?
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JohnDavid - July 2, 2020
Hi there, Open it up to look if the belt needs to be changed. You can do this yourself without any problem :-) For repair shops, Google 'super 8 projector repair' and you might find a few (there are not many left).
Ed - July 12, 2020
While researching to purchase a super 8mm projector I became aware that bulbs for certain brands/models are no longer available. For example, Bell & Howells 356A and 456A both use DJL type, which are NLA. Are there any brands you know of that use bulbs that are available?
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JohnEd - July 15, 2020
Yes, some bulbs are hard to get. I recently purchased one for my Eumig 610D and Elmo without any problems. These are 12v 100 w halogen Osram Xenophots, fit lots of projectors and are (luckily!) still being made.
andrew - August 19, 2020
hi i am looking for super 8 and std 8 projector that take sound film which projector do you recommend thanks andrew
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Johnandrew - August 20, 2020
Well, to my knowledge there is only one brand which made decent dual sound projectors. I think what you're looking for is an Eumig Mark S [MODELNUMBER] D projector. The 'S' stands for sound, and the 'D' for dual.
salim - August 27, 2020
I wish to purchase a super8 sound projector in excellent condition ( prefer manual threading ) with extra replacement bulb and rubber belt. Will highly appreciat for your guidence and help.
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Johmsalim - August 27, 2020
I don't sell them (I have only one, an Eumig S940) so best is to look on eBay (see listings on this page).
Jennifer - August 30, 2020
Hey there - I have a ton of old 8mm/super 8 reels with sound. Looking for something reliable to play them on. Hoping to play and record to digitize myself. Can you recommend something? Thanks!
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JohnJennifer - August 31, 2020
There are different ways to digitize your film with (very) different budgets. Also it will be tricky to get the sound quality to an acceptable level without professional equipment. You have to connect old equipment (the projector) to new (for example a computer). Usually people DIY digitize their 'silent' movies, without sound. There are also companies who will digitize for you, with or without sound. Have a look at this page for some more DIY info: super 8 transfer.
Piers - October 5, 2020
Hello I have a question you may be able to help me with. I used to make Super 8 films at the time I had a projector, I think it was Eumig but I wouldn't swear to it,it had variable speed, so I shot my films with the intention of projecting them at 2-3 frames per second (big Derek Jarman fan). In the early 90s I loaned the projector to a lass who was at St Martins and then lost touch. Now I am looking for another variable speed projector that can run this slowly. I don't have a great deal of money so 30-50 pounds would be my limit. Can you suggest any that would fit the bill please? All the Best Piers, Forest of Dean.
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JohnPiers - October 9, 2020
Hi Piers! What you need is an Eumig projector. Some of them can project 1, 3, 6, 9 fps. completely flickerless. I love those projectors and used them a lot, they are very reliable. What you need is for example an Eumig 605D, 607D or 610D, but there might be other models as well. Have a look here and see the model shown in the video: Eumig projectors. Online they can be quite expensive though, so have a look at local second hand or thrift stores as well, I bought them at flea markets for about a tenner (but this was 15-20 years ago!). Note: not all Eumig projectors have this feature, so look out for the ones with the dial at side with the different speeds.
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JohnJohn - October 9, 2020
Here are some 610Ds: Eumig Mark 610D.
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