Super 8 Projector for sale on eBay:
elmo gs 1200 stereo sound super 8
Elmo Gs 1200 Stereo Sound Super 8
$1 458,00
rare elmo gs 1200 super 8 film projector
Rare Elmo Gs 1200 Super 8 Film Projector
$1 280,00
vintage vernon zrs sliment super 8 silent
Vintage Vernon Zrs Sliment Super 8 Silent
$1 199,99
exc boxed elmo gs 1200 stereo sound super
Exc Boxed Elmo Gs 1200 Stereo Sound Super
elmo gs 1200 super 8 stereo sound
Elmo Gs 1200 Super 8 Stereo Sound
super8 film projector bauer t502 for
Super8 Film Projector Bauer T502 For
proiettore elmo gs 800 mo stereo super 8mm
Proiettore Elmo Gs 800 Mo Stereo Super 8mm
super8 filmprojektor bauer t502 für
Super8 Filmprojektor Bauer T502 Für
super8 normal8 film projector bauer t 23
Super8 Normal8 Film Projector Bauer T 23
super 8 professionele tonfilmprojektor
Super 8 Professionele Tonfilmprojektor
elmo gs 1200 mag opt super 8 projector f1
Elmo Gs 1200 Mag Opt Super 8 Projector F1
super8 und normal8 filmprojektor bauer t
Super8 Und Normal8 Filmprojektor Bauer T
old vintage bolex 150 super 8mm movie
Old Vintage Bolex 150 Super 8mm Movie
elmo gs 1200 super 8mm stereo sound movie
Elmo Gs 1200 Super 8mm Stereo Sound Movie
eumig rs 3000 hqs high quality sound super
Eumig Rs 3000 Hqs High Quality Sound Super
copal sekonic cp77 8mm projector for super
Copal Sekonic Cp77 8mm Projector For Super
super 8 film projector bauer t 502 body
Super 8 Film Projector Bauer T 502 Body
copal sekonic cp sound 401 8mm super 8
Copal Sekonic Cp Sound 401 8mm Super 8
elmo gs 1200 super 8mm film projector
Elmo Gs 1200 Super 8mm Film Projector
vintage kodak 475 moviedeck super 8 reg 8
Vintage Kodak 475 Moviedeck Super 8 Reg 8
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Looking for a super 8 projector? Choose wisely, there are many different brands and models out there ranging from cheap to too expensive. On this page you'll see some listings from ebay, don't forget to ask the seller any questions you have on the projector you're interested in. Did it run recently and consistent, does the bulb work, etc. If the seller doesn't have a clue, bid low and don't pay too much.


After buying a 8mm projector clean it thoroughly, you don't want it to ruin your precious super-8mm movies.

Well known brands are: Chinon, Eumig, Elmo, Sankyo, Bell & Howell. My favourite brand of silent projectors is Eumig with variable speed, the dual 600 series. These are also capable of playing regular-8mm movies.

8mm sound

Don't forget to check if the projector is capable of playing super 8 sound movies if you have sound-striped films.

Super 8 Projector value

What's it worth? Take a look at this list of: sold Super 8 Projector for a value indication.

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