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Very sought after, these projectors were made in Italy by Fumeo SpA in Milan. Very heavy and heavy duty, a Fumeo will bring you years of film projecting in the highest quality imaginable.

...unfortunately, they are also very difficult to find. I owned one many years ago and I sold it. Until this day, I don't know why. I was probably confused.

Most projectors for sale on eBay are located in Italy, but most sellers ship internationally.

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Camera Title Date Sold for
fumeo hl2000 professional 16mm film projector lots Fumeo Hl2000 Professional 16mm Film Projector Lots... 06/2021 $400.00
fumeo x900 ex cinema 16mm projector Fumeo X900 Ex Cinema 16mm Projector... 07/2021 $150.00
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices09/2021-.--
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KEVIN - April 2, 2021
Hello my name is Kevin from Malta europe. I like super 8 projectors and films. This is my hobby and also filming in super 8.
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Fumeo for sale on eBay
Fumeo 9119 9120 9145
Fumeo 9119 9120 9145 Double Gear No
EUR 60.00
Proiettore Fumeo 8
Proiettore Fumeo 8 Mm
EUR 250.00
Proiettore Fumeo Mod
Proiettore Fumeo Mod 9200 Super
EUR 477.00
Fumeo Hokushin 16 Mm
Fumeo Hokushin 16 Mm Projector Lens
EUR 69.00
Fumeo Projector Lens
Fumeo Projector Lens Isco Gottingen
EUR 30.00
Fumeo 9200 Super
Fumeo 9200 Super Proiettore 16 Mm
EUR 219.00
Fumeo 9119 Pannello
Fumeo 9119 Pannello Ampli Audio Per
EUR 39.99
Fumeo Lens F 1 6 50
Fumeo Lens F 1 6 50 Mm Projector
EUR 199.00
Fumeo 9119 Pannello
Fumeo 9119 Pannello Lanterna
EUR 39.99
Fumeo 9119 9120
Fumeo 9119 9120 Pannello Ampli
EUR 39.99
Fumeo 9910 Libretto
Fumeo 9910 Libretto Istruzioni D
EUR 10.00
Fumeo Betacord
Fumeo Betacord
EUR 60.00
Fumeo 9119 Pannello
Fumeo 9119 Pannello Lanterna
EUR 39.99
Bedienungsanleitung Schaltplan
EUR 149.00
Obiettivo Fumeo Zoom
Obiettivo Fumeo Zoom 16 1 1 6 35 65
EUR 140.00
Proiettore Fumeo
Proiettore Fumeo Aula Ii 16mm N
EUR 165.00
Proiettore Fumeo
Proiettore Fumeo 9914
EUR 149.00
Kit 2x Portalampada
Kit 2x Portalampada E Lampada 6 V
EUR 40.00
Lampada Eccitatrice
Lampada Eccitatrice 6 V 10 W M29 G4
EUR 16.00
Manuale Tecnico
Manuale Tecnico Fumeo Mod 9119 9120
EUR 7.00
Proiettore Professionale Fumeo Mod
EUR 500.00
Cineproiettore Minerva Fumeo
EUR 180.00
Proiettore Usato 8
Proiettore Usato 8 Mm Sonoro Ottico
EUR 435.00
Proiettore Fumeo
Proiettore Fumeo 9914 Come Nuovo
EUR 150.00
Manuale Istruzioni
Manuale Istruzioni Fumeo Mod 16mm
EUR 7.00
Lampada Sonoro Fumeo
Lampada Sonoro Fumeo
EUR 20.55
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