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Eumig made a lot of 8mm projectors. I now own the last projector model every made by them, the Eumig S940 Stereo Multiprocessor. A great machine with stereo sound, but hard to find.

Popular models

If you're not looking for sound, my favourite silent projectors are the Eumig 506, Eumig 607 and Eumig Mark 610D.

Updated: 6 November 2021

Eumig Projector value and price guide

What's your Eumig Projector worth, or what would you expect to pay? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Camera Title Date Sold for
eumig 824 sonomatic super 8 projector nos never Eumig 824 Sonomatic Super 8 Projector Nos Never... 11/2021 $400
eumig mark s 810 hqs super single sound projector Eumig Mark S 810 Hqs Super Single Sound Projector... 10/2021 $250
eumig p8 automatic projector for 8mm film reels Eumig P8 Automatic Projector For 8mm Film Reels... 11/2021 $268
eumig r 2000 instaprojection super 8 8mm cine Eumig R 2000 Instaprojection Super 8 8mm Cine... 10/2021 $310
eumig s 912 high quality sound super 8 movie Eumig S 912 High Quality Sound Super 8 Movie... 10/2021 $199
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more01/2022-.--

Eumig Projector forum

Questions or stories? Share them here.

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Domenic - November 4, 2021
Is there anywhere in the Guelph Ontario area where I can rent the Eumig super or standard8 projector?
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JohnDomenic - November 6, 2021
No idea, sorry... I doubt it would be a lot cheaper than buying your own to be honest...
Ron - August 12, 2021
I want to buy a 7inch reel for a eumig 8 mm projector. I bought the projector around 1978
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JohnRon - August 14, 2021
You'll need a 400 ft. (120 mt.) reel (8mm reels are measured in the amount of film they take) and can be usually found on eBay.
Will - February 23, 2021
I have a question you may be able to answer. I have a eumig 500e 8mm film projector that needs a bulb. Is ebay the only real place to get one?
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JohnWill - March 5, 2021
You can always try (the older) local photo and camera shops.
Jill - February 7, 2021
I have a Eumig S 802 projector. This is designed to show both Standard 8mm and Super 8 movies. The instructions tell you how to change the sprocket and also the film pressure pad to make it Standard 8. There was meant to be located in the lamphouse cover a second film pressure pad marked 'C' and designed for standard 8mm. However this is missing from my kit.I would love to buy this if I can get hold of it.
VINCENT - December 27, 2020
Does the Eumig S940 play both Super 8 and Standard 8?
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JohnVINCENT - December 29, 2020
Hi, I've got the same projector and no, this one only plays super 8.
Leila - November 30, 2020
Hi. We are moving from our home after 40 years. I have my fathers Eumig 822 Sonomatic. No cords. No box. What would it be worth? I had it in my hall closet. Looks like new. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer.
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JohnLeila - December 4, 2020
Between EUR 50-100 in working condition. It might look like new, but if it's not used for a while it may needs some maintenance.
Suzanne - October 8, 2020
Hi I have a Eumig S932 Supersound projector in original box in perfect working order (last time it was used - a few years ago now) that I would like to sell but don't know where to start. Obviously Ebay is a choice, but have no idea of the value etc. or what would be a reasonable price to ask. Also have a Sankyo EM-40XL camera that I would like to sell, again in perfect working condition last time it was used. Any info would be much appreciated thanks!
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JohnSuzanne - October 9, 2020
On the German eBay is one S932 sold for 180 EUR last month. According to the owner in perfect working order. Since you have the box, it might be worth a bit more. They are quite in demand because they very quiet machines. I would sell the camera separately, because nowadays there are two groups of super-8 enthusiasts: the filmmakers and the operators ;-) Camera is worth about 25-40 EUR. Please make sure everything is in working order, and the camera lens is tip top without any 'fungus' (some kind of 'haze') in the lens. If these things are kept in warm attics or lofts, they can deteriorate quickly.
Den - September 30, 2020
Hi; I have a eumig dual sound projector, not used for many years, and want to add a extension speaker for behind the screen. Can anyone tell me which connector is for the speaker, and what is the speaker ohms, and would it have to be a pre amp please.
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JohnDen - October 3, 2020
At the back of the projector you'll probably see the connector where you have to plug in the speaker. Usually this would be a DIN speaker connector (2 pins: one round, one flat), but it could also be a different connector (round with 5 pins). Probably you need 4 ohm, but I'm not sure. What model do you have?
Wayne - September 12, 2020
Hello: I am new to 8mm. I own a Eumig Mark-S Super 8 Projector. My 8mm reel will not fit on the front reel arm (where the film goes). The arm has a large plastic spindle that is too big for the small hole in the reel. How do I mount the small 8mm reel? Thanks very much!!
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JohnWayne - September 13, 2020
There are two types of 8mm film: regular (also called standard or normal) 8mm and super 8mm. Regular 8 is an older format and has bigger sprocket holes than super 8, and can't be used with a super 8 projector. So what you have is a reel for normal 8mm film, and it won't fit on your projector, you need another reel. If there is film on the reel, determine if it's super 8 or regular 8mm. There are also projectors which can take both formats. Read this page for more info: Dual projectors.
Jozeph - August 29, 2020
hey im wondering if you have information on the eumig super projector p2 I'm curious to its value and age
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JohnJozeph - August 31, 2020
Well, they started making the P2 in the 1930s for 9.5mm and 16mm, later they also made P2 for 8mm. Not sure which one you have, but a 9.5mm would definitely be more valuable. 16mm and 8mm, maybe around 100-130 Euro.