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If you would ask me which projector to buy for your silent super-8 and standard 8mm. movies, this projector would be at the top of my list, together with his cheaper brothers the 605D and the 607D. Durable, excellent perfomance and they won't let you down. The variable, flickerless speed makes this an interesting projector for those who project at parties. Set it to 3 fps and leave for it an hour. I absolutely love these models.



Updated: 6 November 2021

Eumig Mark 610d value and price guide

What's your Eumig Mark 610d worth, or what would you expect to pay? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Camera Title Date Sold for
eumig mark 607 dx 607d dual 8 super 8 movie Eumig Mark 607 Dx 607d Dual 8 Super 8 Movie... 09/2021 $160.77
eumig 610d super 8 std 8 cine movie dual format Eumig 610d Super 8 Std 8 Cine Movie Dual Format... 10/2021 $195.59
eumig mark 610d 8mm super 8mm regular multi motion Eumig Mark 610d 8mm Super 8mm Regular Multi Motion... 09/2021 $125.00
eumig mark 610 d reg 8mm super 8 mult motion Eumig Mark 610 D Reg 8mm Super 8 Mult Motion... 08/2021 $129.00
eumig 607d super 8 std 8 cine movie dual format Eumig 607d Super 8 Std 8 Cine Movie Dual Format... 10/2021 $175.36
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Eumig Mark 610d forum

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Marilyn - September 27, 2021
I have a Eumig Mark 610 D projector. When I used it (after many years) the bulb blew. I need an Osram 64627 100 watt Bellaphot 12V lamp ck7, but I can't find one. Anyone know if the Osram HLX bulb would work?
John - August 5, 2021
I have a light issue on my 610D. I can run the projector in auto thread mode and can see a picture but in this mode I think the build is not at full power. When I switch to run mode the bulb/light goes out. Any pointers to get me in the right direction to get this fixed? I am trying to transfer some old film for my father who is 94 Would like to surprise him with these as he has not seen them in quite some time.
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WebmasterJohn - August 7, 2021
Sounds like a technical problem with the power supply to the bulb. I don't know how to fix this unfortunately. If I were you I would consider having the films professionally transferred to better picture quality.
Ann - May 26, 2021
The film is running back to front and upside down. How is this corrected please?
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JohnAnn - June 16, 2021
The film has to be rewinded again.
Richard - February 14, 2021
I just have a 607d , the problem is the supply reel is emptying by itself because it spin cw very fast. If I play the movie in reverse mode everything is fine.... Thanks
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JohnRichard - February 15, 2021
That's weird, because the front reel shouldn't turn by itself, but should be 'loose' when projecting in forward mode. The projector should pull the film from this reel without any problems. I think you should open it up and look at the gears, chains and belts and oil them a bit.
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RichardJohn - February 16, 2021
Update, finally I dismantle the supply arm and clean the one way was very very sticky.I also clean and lube the chain and sprockets. It was a little bit tricky to reassemble it but everything run fine . If someone have user and service manual it could be cool to have it. Thanks Richard
Derek - January 16, 2021
New bulb won't light up on eumig 605D. Any suggestions?
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JohnDerek - January 18, 2021
It could be the contacts of the socket where the bulb goes in. If you move the bulb a little while the projector runs (and the bulb should light up), does it flicker?
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DerekJohn - January 19, 2021
Thank you so much John. And thanks for this helpful site. I am halfway there! Taking your advice I suspected the coating on the bulb contact piece. I wrapped it in gorilla tape to ensure a clear contact and that has done the trick. I therefore need to get a new bulb holder. Any ideas?
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JohnDerek - January 23, 2021
I only found these holders and some conversion kits on eBay UK: Ceramic bulb holders.
Jörgen - January 14, 2021
I have for some time been trying to get my old Eumig Mark 610D in working condition but one thing after the other fails. Now I am trying to fix the holder for the rear reel witch has broken of. I have thread on a Swedish site, but unfortunately thee are no answers. There is some pictures and it is the last picture that is the most relevant. How can I fix this? Or is it going in the bin this time?
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JohnJörgen - January 16, 2021
I can't access the forum. It seems that your projector has had a rough time :-) Is it possible to glue it? Or find a projector for parts?
Phil - December 12, 2020
I there, thanks to this lovely website I have managed to get the Eumig Mark 610D and 501 projectors working for an elderly relative. It's a surprise for them and my issue is that I have no way of testing them as I do not have any 8mm film or even the spool and reel to put it on. Will these projectors take any spool / reel available on ebay and any advice about how to search for actual footage that I might be able purchase? When I search on ebay it just throws back blank film for sale. Many thanks
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JohnPhil - December 14, 2020
Hi, you can buy super 8 home movies for your projectors and you need an empty take up reel. There are plenty on eBay. Have a look here for movies: super 8 movies.
Peter - May 24, 2020
I am looking for a drivev belt for a Eumig 610D in Melbourne. Is there an equivalent belts available?
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JohnPeter - May 24, 2020
No idea about where in Melbourne you can get belts, best place for these things is eBay. Have a look here: Eumig 610d belts. You can also use one from a 605D, 607D, 600D, etc.
meryl - April 7, 2020
I have an Eumig Mark 610D projector in working order but the take up reel has become warped and film gets caught round the edges. I'm looking to buy a new take up reel but having great trouble sourcing one for a reasonable price. Anyone help?
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Johnmeryl - May 24, 2020
There are some cheap reels on eBay. You need a reel of 400ft. Have a look here: 400ft. reel super 8.
Craigmeryl - January 1, 2021
Hello fellow film enthusiast. I buy all of my film supplies from a company in Illinois called URBANSKI FILM SUPPLIES. They supply excellent film accessories at great prices. Try googling them and see if they can help you. Good luck. All the best Craig.