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"The Elmo ST-1200 is a super 8 Hi-Fi sound projector for both magnetic and optical reproduction and magnetic recording with a maximum reel capacity of 1200 ft (360m). This projector lives up to professional expectations."


ModelElmo Sound ST-1200 Magnetic
LensElmo Super Zoom f 1.1 F 12.5-25 mm
Elmo Super Zoom f: 1.3 F: 15-25 mm (ST-1200D)
Lamp150 W, 15 V, EFR
Lamp settingsHigh, Low
Reel capacity360 m
ProjectionForward, reverse, still
Projection speed18, 24 fps
Film loadingAutomatic threading
SoundMagnetic playback on main sound track
Sound modeMono
Duo (ST-1200HD M 2 Track)
Sound controlVolume, tone
RecordingMagnetic recording on main track
VU meterRecording level meter
Input terminalMicrophone, Auxiliary
Output terminalMonitor, Auxiliary, External Speaker
Built-in speakerYes
Built-in cutterYes
MotorMagnetic motor
Weight10200 g

Service manual

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Camera Title Date Sold for
elmo st 1200hd m 2 track super 8 film projector Elmo St 1200hd M 2 Track Super 8 Film Projector... 10/2021 $209.99
elmo st 1200 magnetic super 8 sound film projector Elmo St 1200 Magnetic Super 8 Sound Film Projector... 09/2021 $149.56
elmo gs 1200 st 1200 stereo super 8 projector Elmo Gs 1200 St 1200 Stereo Super 8 Projector... 10/2021 $80.00
super 8 360m coil pack 2 30cm projector elmo st Super 8 360m Coil Pack 2 30cm Projector Elmo St... 11/2021 $69.27
elmo st 1200hd belt set super 8 sound projector 4 Elmo St 1200hd Belt Set Super 8 Sound Projector 4... 08/2021 $29.67
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more11/2021-.--
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John - July 20, 2020
I have an ElmoST1200D that I would like to sell, but am not sure of the bet place to put it up for sale (besides eBay). Any recommendations? Thanks!
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JohnJohn - July 24, 2020
Besides eBay you could also try Facebook. There are pages dedicated to super 8 collectors and enthusiasts. Maybe you could sell your projector to one of them.