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Well, what can I say... is this one of the most wanted projectors on earth? I think so! And rightly so. This is a BEAST of a projector. I never had one, though I had other Elmos. I also had a heavy-duty Fumeo 9119 once. Sold it and regret it to this day... Anyway, back to the Elmo!



You can find lots of informative videos on repairs, bulbs and technical stuff on YouTube about this film projector: Elmo GS-1200 videos.


Looking for the instructions? Look no further, here you can download the Elmo GS-1200 projector manual (PDF, 700 kb.)

Updated: 23 May 2020

Elmo Gs 1200 value and price guide

What's your Elmo Gs 1200 worth, or what would you expect to pay? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Camera Title Date Sold for
elmo gs 1200 stereo sound projector 8mm super 8 Elmo Gs 1200 Stereo Sound Projector 8mm Super 8... 10/2021 $795.00
elmo gs 1200 st 1200 stereo super 8 projector Elmo Gs 1200 St 1200 Stereo Super 8 Projector... 10/2021 $80.00
super 8 360m coil pack 2 30cm projector elmo st Super 8 360m Coil Pack 2 30cm Projector Elmo St... 11/2021 $69.27
esc 24v 200w bulb lamp for elmo gs1200 super 8 Esc 24v 200w Bulb Lamp For Elmo Gs1200 Super 8... 08/2021 $25.00
elmo sound gs 1209 Elmo Sound Gs 1209... 08/2021 $405.00
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more11/2021-.--
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Elmo Gs 1200 forum

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Ashok - July 12, 2021
Is this elmo GS1200 projecor available in India?is this elmo projecor still manufacturing? Same model available for super 16 filim? regards Dr ashok
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JohnAshok - July 12, 2021
1) I don't think so, you have to search for yourself in India or buy one on eBay. 2) No, this projector is not made anymore for over 30 years. 3) To my knowledge there are no projectors for super 16 mm, only 'regular' 16mm.
Clive - March 9, 2021
Does anyone know why my GS1200 crackles like hell when I pose it up and how to cure it. I can get it to stop if I wiggle the mains plug it stops only to return a minute later. Thanks
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JohnClive - March 10, 2021
You mean the speaker crackles? Probably a wire problem between amplifier and speaker.
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ThanksJohn - March 10, 2021
Thanks for the reply John but it still crackles when I have the sound through headphones, Thanks again
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JohnThanks - March 10, 2021
Could be some dust in the volume knob. If you turn the knob to left and right a couple of times, does the crackling change? You could try canned air to clean around the knob and wires, inside and outside.
JohnClive - March 10, 2021
Clive, I found this forum where someone had the same problem. Whatever you do, don't send it to projector heaven yet, these are wonderful projectors :-) Elmo GS 1200 crackling.
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CliveJohn - March 10, 2021
Hi John, Thanks for your help. I did try the idea of switching the record button on and off quite a few times, but it didn’t seem to work. I did however wiggle the mains plug in the back of the projector and it stopped crackling only to start a few minutes later. So I wiggled the mains plug again and it stopped. I have run 3 cartoons and the crackle hasn’t returned. So who knows, but for the time being it has won a reprise. Many thanks, Clive
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JohnClive - March 11, 2021
Ah, well in that case it might be a very good idea to check the wires of the mains plug for some dust or bad wiring to avoid damage and dangerous situations. Glad that you figured out what is was and that you ran some movies without any crackling, Clive!
GeorgeClive - March 21, 2021
Spray plug with switch cleaner
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CliveGeorge - March 22, 2021
Hi George, Thanks for your message, I will give it a go. Regards, Clive
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PatrickClive - April 27, 2021
Take a look at my video on how to clean the amplifier unit. This solves mostly all the crackle and pops problems! Elmo GS1200 cleaning
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ClivePatrick - May 6, 2021
Hi Patrick, Thanks for your message, I will have a go at what you do in the video. I had got part of the way but was unsure on a few things but your video has made it a lot clearer. Regards, Clive
James - March 1, 2021
Hi I have an Elmo GS-1200 for sale.It is in perfect working orderand great condition. If interested please email me. THANKS
Ibrahim - November 3, 2020
Hi, I am looking for Elmo GS1200 Xenon in good working conditions. I am looking also for the bracket for scope lens to attach it to the projector. Thanks.
Jean - October 1, 2020
Ik heb een Elmo GS-1200 te koop in nieuwstaat met externe speakers nog steeds in de doos!
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JanJean - October 3, 2020
Ik heb uw tel. nummer weggehaald vanwege privacy. Werkt de projector nog goed (heeft niet op bv. een warme zolder gestaan al die jaren) en wat is uw vraagprijs?
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JeanJan - October 3, 2020
hij is als nieuw, en werkt perfect heeft altijd droog en goed bewaard geweest.
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M.W.Jean - November 11, 2020
Wat is de vraagprijs en waar op te halen?
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JeanM.W. - November 13, 2020
Mijn vraagprijs is 1100 Euro all in. En je kan hem testen en ophalen bij mij thuis in Antwerpen Deurne.
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M.W.Jean - November 13, 2020
Dank voor uw reactie maar voor mij een beetje te duur
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JeanM.W. - November 15, 2020
Doe eens een bod? ;)
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JanJean - December 13, 2020
Kan je ook evnt.opsturen ivm corona
KEVIN - September 29, 2020
Jorge - June 21, 2020
Hi! I am looking for a ELMO GS 1200 XENON super-8 projector. If you ever know where to find one, I would really appreciate that information. Thank you so much.