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The name EIKI results from the phonetic spelling of the combination of the Japanese words for "picture" (the sound "ei" as in "the letter A" or the word "face") and "machine" (the sounds "k" and "I" as in the word "key").

Initially the focus of the company was producing technology for classroom instruction but later on the company focused more on producing 16mm movie projectors for other fields.

eiki 16mm projector slimline

Eiki 16mm projectors included only half of the moving parts of popular projectors, thus making them less costly and easier to maintain. They were the largest manufacturer of such projectors.

Updated: 19 March 2020

Eiki 16mm Projector value and price guide

What's your Eiki 16mm Projector worth, or what would you expect to pay? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Camera Title Date Sold for
eiki ex 3500 a portable 16mm sound projector Eiki Ex 3500 A Portable 16mm Sound Projector... 08/2021 $609.00
eiki snt 0 slim line 16mm sound film projector Eiki Snt 0 Slim Line 16mm Sound Film Projector... 08/2021 $255.00
16mm eiki nt o serviced projector 16mm Eiki Nt O Serviced Projector... 10/2021 $499.99
beauty eiki ssl 0 3580 super slimline 16mm sound Beauty Eiki Ssl 0 3580 Super Slimline 16mm Sound... 11/2021 $399.95
eiki nt 1 16mm optical sound projector japan Eiki Nt 1 16mm Optical Sound Projector Japan... 09/2021 $254.02
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more11/2021-.--
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