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How to edit super 8 film

You won't need a projector to watch your 8mm movies. With this cheap device, you can easily scan your films for editing purposes or to quickly see and prepare what parts of your movies you want to transfer to video. With help of a splicer you can then quickly glue or tape together the parts you want to keep.

8mm film viewer

These units usually consist of a small low-watt bulb and two cranks for manually or electric winding.

Updated: 26 March 2020

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Suntar Dual 8 8mm Film Editor Viewer Suntar Dual 8 8mm Film Editor Viewer 06/2020 $60.00
Baia Ultraviewer Dual 8 8 Film Viewer Baia Ultraviewer Dual 8 8 Film Viewer 06/2020 $40.79
1970 S Pro Hockey Tips Super 8mm Viewer 1970 S Pro Hockey Tips Super 8mm Viewer 06/2020 $240.99
Style Suction Cup Mount Traffic Light Style Suction Cup Mount Traffic Light 06/2020 $13.78
Baia V 8 8mm Film Viewer Baia V 8 8mm Film Viewer 06/2020 $6.70
Style Suction Cup Mount Traffic Light Style Suction Cup Mount Traffic Light 06/2020 $13.78
Sears Motorized Editor Viewer Movie 314 Sears Motorized Editor Viewer Movie 314 06/2020 $69.99
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices06/2020-.--
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Gretchen - March 4, 2020
Can I use a Super 8 or 8mm viewer/editor to view 16mm film?
JohnGretchen - March 4, 2020
I'm afraid not... although the sprocket size is the same between regular-8mm (not super 8) and 16mm, you couldn't get the 16mm film through the tiny gate. Best is to look for a 16mm viewer.
Diana - March 26, 2020
Can I use a 8mm viewer to see Super 8 film?
JohnDiana - March 26, 2020
Hi, to view super 8 film you either need a Dual 8mm viewer (which can take both standard 8mm and super 8mm film) or a super 8mm viewer. What make and model do you have? If you're not sure, you can send a picture (just reply to the email you got from this site with an attachment).
Vin - April 11, 2020
Hi what are some of the best Motorized Dual 8mm Film Editor/Viewer & Splicer units? Im looking to buy one- Thank you-
JohnVin - April 11, 2020
Well, these are not really complicated machines, so it doesn't really matter which brand you choose. They are old anyway so, most importantly, you have to make sure the unit works (ask the seller about tests). Also, there are not many motorized DUAL editors. I see Goko and Sears right now on eBay: motorized 8mm viewers. Goko is very popular, so you might want to go for that one, but a Sears is perfectly fine as well, as long as they work of course ;-)
VinJohn - April 12, 2020
Christine - April 28, 2020
I have a super 8mm editor machine. Can I edit 8mm film on it?
JohnChristine - April 28, 2020
If it is a 'dual' editor, sure. If you don't know, just try a piece of 8mm to see if it works. If you get a blurry image, it doesn't work and the super 8 sprockets can't handle 'normal' 8mm. See also some comments above.
ChrisJohn - April 28, 2020
It definitely doesn't say dual on the front of the machine. It is a super 8mm editor. I will try it. Thanks so much for the advice. I think I will need to get an 8mm editor for the work I want to do. Thanks.
Mary - May 8, 2020
I have a JC Penney manual 8 and super 8 film editor that was my Dad's. I can't get the sprocket to turn to advance the film. Neither the 8mm or super 8 side - each have their own cog wheel - will turn. According tot the directions I have the film loaded correctly but when I try to turn the take up wheel the film going over the sprocket won't go. Any ideas why? Thanks.
JohnMary - May 13, 2020
So, it's not electric. That's really weird. Something must blocking it. Best is to open it up, or maybe you can remove the lid where the light bulb is so you can have a closer look at sprocket and wheel. A bit of oil maybe?
MARYJohn - May 14, 2020
No, it's manual. It's been in it's box for years. I had taken out the piece that contains both sprockets (super and reg 8mm). Neither will budge. I will take it out again and try a bit of oil. Can't hurt!