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How to edit super 8 film

You won't need a projector to watch your 8mm movies. With this cheap device, you can easily scan your films for editing purposes or to quickly see and prepare what parts of your movies you want to transfer to video. With help of a splicer you can then quickly glue or tape together the parts you want to keep.

8mm film viewer

These units usually consist of a small low-watt bulb and two cranks for manually or electric winding.

Updated: 26 March 2020

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eumig rs 3000 high quality sound super 8 cine Eumig Rs 3000 High Quality Sound Super 8 Cine... 09/2021 $376.37
eumig r 2000 instaprojection super 8 8mm cine Eumig R 2000 Instaprojection Super 8 8mm Cine... 10/2021 $308.92
eumig rs 3000 high quality sound super 8 cine Eumig Rs 3000 High Quality Sound Super 8 Cine... 10/2021 $308.92
old stock minette super 8 viewer s 2 box manual Old Stock Minette Super 8 Viewer S 2 Box Manual... 10/2021 $149.99
nos sears super 8mm film viewer editor splicer 3 Nos Sears Super 8mm Film Viewer Editor Splicer 3... 09/2021 $99.99
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Iftekhar - August 25, 2021
Hi I am new in this super 8 world. I have an super 8 projector and some super-8 films. I need to buy a editor viewer for editing super-8 films. I have an opportunity to buy a Raynox RS-3000 editor which is a Dual 8 editor. I learned from websites that this model has switching arrangements ( s-8 and R-8 changeover) for gate change only, but have only one sprocket which works for both S-8 and R-8. As we know S-8 and R-8 have different perf size and pitch. So, How is it possible to to fit both format films in a single sprocket? The Elmo 912 dual has the same thing I believe. Pls. advise me should I go for the Raynox Rs-3000 ?
Francisco - August 21, 2021
I want to buy the cheap device for editing super 8 films . Small low-watt bulb and two cranks. Please send me information . Thank you .
Olivia - May 5, 2021
Hi can I used a Hanimex e200 dual 8 movie editor simply to look at my super 8 footage. My projector keeps overheating and burning the film. Are these editors an alternative to simply viewing footage, regardless of whether or not I want to edit the footage? Is the image on an editor sharp and clear enough to enjoy the viewing?
Douglas - March 24, 2021
I'm looking for an Elmo 912S EDITOR in good condition. I need sound because All of my thousands of feet of film has sound. I want to see the carnival in Rio with song and dance, not flickering pictures.
Roland - February 22, 2021
I found an old Argus 2808 dual 8mm viewer but the sprocket wheel is gummed up. I would like to try and fix it but don't want to with a service or repair manual to guide me. Is there such a thing that has survived through time?
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JohnRoland - February 22, 2021
These machines are pretty tough, and can withstand a lot, but if they are kept in for example a warm loft or attic, the parts with glue or rubber will deteriorate.
Nancy - January 19, 2021
Hi, I purchased a keystone movie editor model 250 dual 8mm and super 8. The light runs. on but screen does not illuminate. I carefully opened the back and found a small mirror about 1inch laying loose on the housing of light bulb. I just don't know where it goes. doesn't have signs of glue. any suggestions... I would love to see 1950 movies clips of my family..... Thank you
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JohnNancy - January 22, 2021
This small mirror usually sits close to the bulb. It has to redirect the light to the large mirror in the back of the editor to 'project' it on the screen. Maybe try turning the light on with the back opened, to see if you can figure out where this tiny mirror goes...
John - January 2, 2021
I have lots of Super 8 films which I would like to edit. Can you recommend a simple editing device please.
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JohnJohn - January 2, 2021
Well, a super 8 editor would do the trick :) On this page you see some listings on eBay. Make sure the unit works (ask the seller if unsure). You'll also need a super 8 splicer, to splice your cut pieces of film together, either with glue or tape. I recommend a tape splicer, for example the Fujica Single 8 Splicer (perfectly fine for super 8mm).
Mary - December 17, 2020
Hello, I have a Vernon dual editor and having a hard time with an uncentered picture. I get have of each frame in the view box. I have pressed the adjustment knob, pulled the take up reel slightly, but still uncentered. Any ideas for me? Thanks Mary
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JohnMary - December 18, 2020
Could be lots of things ;-) Does it have a switch for super 8 and regular 8, or interchangeable parts? It could be that you're trying to watch regular 8mm in a super 8mm setting. Or, the little mirror in the rotating part near the bulb has moved due to old glue, or the large mirror has moved, also due to old adhesive. There are not a lot part inside, so don't be afraid to open it up :)
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MaryJohn - December 18, 2020
Yes, I will open it up today. Another question for you. I also have a Goko MM-1 motorized viewer I bought on eBay, from Germany. It is a 240V as opposed to the usual 115V. I purchased the plug converter needed, it runs, but the 6v10w bulb is very dim, like it's not pulling enough juice. Any ideas how to give it enough power here in the US? Thanks, Mary
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JohnMary - December 29, 2020
Unfortunately, the bulb now gets about half of the volts it needs to shine brightly... If you have a volt meter, check the output on the little bulb socket, or just try a 3V bulb if you can find one.
Kevin - November 25, 2020
How would I go about purchasing one of those Super 8 film viewers you feature above please?
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JohnKevin - November 25, 2020
I'm not selling any right now, but if you click one of the listings on this page, you'll be redirected to eBay where you can purchase one.
Daniel - August 31, 2020
Hi, Just got myself a Braun viewer editor and was just wondering whether the only way to see colour on the viewer is to shoot with reversal film? if I shot on a colour negative would I be able to see the colour on the viewer?
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JohnDaniel - August 31, 2020
Yep, you're absolutely right. 8mm film is processed like 35mm. film and slides. So if you use colour reversal film, you'll see colour. If you shoot colour negative, you'll see the negative colours, so inversed.
Mark - June 11, 2020
Hi, I have some old 8mm movies that I want to view before paying for transfer to digital. I have purchased a GOKO 5005 super-8/single 8 editor/viewer, but I'm not sure how I am supposed to mount single 8mm reels on the arms, since the mounts seem to only fit the larger super-8 reels. Do I need to move all the single-8 movies over to super-8 reels to get them mounted on the editor? Thanks for any help/advice!
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JohnMark - June 13, 2020
Hi there and welcome! Are you sure have single-8 films? This type of film is made by Fuji and is actually the same as super-8, only thinner. The small reels are almost always green. Maybe you have regular-8 (usually shot before 1965). For the differences, have a look at this page and determine which format you have: Dual projectors. Your GOKO only takes super-8 and single-8, not regular-8.
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MarkJohn - June 13, 2020
Is there a motorized viewer that works with regular 8mm? I am trying to find something easy for my MIL to handle.
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JohnMark - June 14, 2020
Although a bit rare, I think there are motorized dual viewers from different brands, which take super 8 and regular 8mm. You could try a cheap, old regular 8mm first and see how your MIL handles it ;-)
MarkJohn - June 13, 2020
Thanks for the clarification. Somehow I missed that single 8 and regular 8 are 2 different animals.
Mary - May 8, 2020
I have a JC Penney manual 8 and super 8 film editor that was my Dad's. I can't get the sprocket to turn to advance the film. Neither the 8mm or super 8 side - each have their own cog wheel - will turn. According tot the directions I have the film loaded correctly but when I try to turn the take up wheel the film going over the sprocket won't go. Any ideas why? Thanks.
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JohnMary - May 13, 2020
So, it's not electric. That's really weird. Something must blocking it. Best is to open it up, or maybe you can remove the lid where the light bulb is so you can have a closer look at sprocket and wheel. A bit of oil maybe?
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MARYJohn - May 14, 2020
No, it's manual. It's been in it's box for years. I had taken out the piece that contains both sprockets (super and reg 8mm). Neither will budge. I will take it out again and try a bit of oil. Can't hurt!
BaxMary - March 3, 2021
I have the same one. Jcpenney, manual,green and black box. Did you figure this out? I'm having the same problem. Also, I couldn't find much of anything on it via google...weird?
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MelodyBax - April 10, 2021
Same problem with the sprocket. Any solutions on how to free up the wheel?
Christine - April 28, 2020
I have a super 8mm editor machine. Can I edit 8mm film on it?
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JohnChristine - April 28, 2020
If it is a 'dual' editor, sure. If you don't know, just try a piece of 8mm to see if it works. If you get a blurry image, it doesn't work and the super 8 sprockets can't handle 'normal' 8mm. See also some comments above.
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ChrisJohn - April 28, 2020
It definitely doesn't say dual on the front of the machine. It is a super 8mm editor. I will try it. Thanks so much for the advice. I think I will need to get an 8mm editor for the work I want to do. Thanks.
Vin - April 11, 2020
Hi what are some of the best Motorized Dual 8mm Film Editor/Viewer & Splicer units? Im looking to buy one- Thank you-
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JohnVin - April 11, 2020
Well, these are not really complicated machines, so it doesn't really matter which brand you choose. They are old anyway so, most importantly, you have to make sure the unit works (ask the seller about tests). Also, there are not many motorized DUAL editors. I see Goko and Sears right now on eBay: motorized 8mm viewers. Goko is very popular, so you might want to go for that one, but a Sears is perfectly fine as well, as long as they work of course ;-)
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VinJohn - April 12, 2020
Diana - March 26, 2020
Can I use a 8mm viewer to see Super 8 film?
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JohnDiana - March 26, 2020
Hi, to view super 8 film you either need a Dual 8mm viewer (which can take both standard 8mm and super 8mm film) or a super 8mm viewer. What make and model do you have? If you're not sure, you can send a picture (just reply to the email you got from this site with an attachment).
Gretchen - March 4, 2020
Can I use a Super 8 or 8mm viewer/editor to view 16mm film?
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JohnGretchen - March 4, 2020
I'm afraid not... although the sprocket size is the same between regular-8mm (not super 8) and 16mm, you couldn't get the 16mm film through the tiny gate. Best is to look for a 16mm viewer.