Dual Projector for sale on eBay:
epson eb 2247u wuxga projector 4200 ansi
Epson Eb 2247u Wuxga Projector 4200 Ansi
$1 805,12
rolleivision 66 dual p 6x6 projector 2
Rolleivision 66 Dual P 6x6 Projector 2
$1 355,81
bell howell director series dual letric
Bell Howell Director Series Dual Letric
two source voyager dual programmable slide
Two Source Voyager Dual Programmable Slide
source voyager dual programmable slide
Source Voyager Dual Programmable Slide
copal sekonic automatic projector 290 dual
Copal Sekonic Automatic Projector 290 Dual
rollei p11 35mm dual format slide
Rollei P11 35mm Dual Format Slide
super 8 regular 8 dual 8 movie projector
Super 8 Regular 8 Dual 8 Movie Projector
elmo k 100sm dual 8 variabl speed movie
Elmo K 100sm Dual 8 Variabl Speed Movie
vintage 1974 bauer t50 dual super 8 8mm
Vintage 1974 Bauer T50 Dual Super 8 8mm
century 35mm projector dual lens automatic
Century 35mm Projector Dual Lens Automatic
bell howell lumina mx33 dual 8mm film
Bell Howell Lumina Mx33 Dual 8mm Film
bell howell director series dual letric
Bell Howell Director Series Dual Letric
sankyo dualux 2000h dual 8mm adjust speed
Sankyo Dualux 2000h Dual 8mm Adjust Speed
vintage gaf dual eight movie projector
Vintage Gaf Dual Eight Movie Projector
dual 8 duo 100 super 8 8mm standard 8
Dual 8 Duo 100 Super 8 8mm Standard 8
canon p 8 cinestar s dual 8 varispeed
Canon P 8 Cinestar S Dual 8 Varispeed
bell howell 20xc dual eight super 8 8mm
Bell Howell 20xc Dual Eight Super 8 8mm
amx mx12 wireless dual projector remote
Amx Mx12 Wireless Dual Projector Remote
rollei p3800 dual projector two heidsomat
Rollei P3800 Dual Projector Two Heidsomat
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Many people have forgotten if their home movies are 'regular-8mm' (also called 'standard 8mm' or 'double 8mm') film or super 8mm film. One way to determine which you have is actually quite simple: super-8mm film is released in 1965 so if you are certain your 8mm. films were shot before 1965, you have 'regular 8'. This doesn't mean that films shot after 1965 are automatically in the super-8 format! Regular-8mm is still made, even today.

differences in 8mm film

A standard/regular/double 8mm projector will not play super 8mm movies. A super 8 projector will not play standard/double/regular 8mm movie films. In fact if you mix them up there is a good chance that your precious films will be destroyed.

Dual format projectors

Some people have both regular-8 films and super-8 and if you want to project them on one, single projector then you'll have to use a DUAL 8 projector and you can find plenty of them on eBay, look at the listings on the right side of this page.

Dual Projector value

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