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Many people have forgotten if their home movies are 'regular-8mm' (also called 'standard 8mm' or 'double 8mm') film or super 8mm film. One way to determine which you have is actually quite simple: super-8mm film is released in 1965 so if you are certain your 8mm. films were shot before 1965, you have 'regular 8'. This doesn't mean that films shot after 1965 are automatically in the super-8 format! Regular-8mm is still made, even today.

differences in 8mm film

A standard/regular/double 8mm projector will not play super 8mm movies. A super 8 projector will not play standard/double/regular 8mm movie films. In fact if you mix them up there is a good chance that your precious films will be destroyed.

Dual format projectors

Some people have both regular-8 films and super-8 and if you want to project them on one, single projector then you'll have to use a DUAL 8 projector and you can find plenty of them on eBay, look at the listings on the right side of this page.

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4200 lumen 1080p native android dual wifi 4200 Lumen 1080p Native Android Dual Wifi... 09/2021 $359.99
eumig mark 607 dx 607d dual 8 super 8 movie Eumig Mark 607 Dx 607d Dual 8 Super 8 Movie... 09/2021 $157.78
bell howell director series 8mm film projector Bell Howell Director Series 8mm Film Projector... 09/2021 $99.99
montgomery ward projector 837 dual 8mm super 8 Montgomery Ward Projector 837 Dual 8mm Super 8... 08/2021 $145.00
sankyo dualux 1000 variable speed dual 8mm film Sankyo Dualux 1000 Variable Speed Dual 8mm Film... 07/2021 $225.00
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices10/2021-.--
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Caryn - April 21, 2021
I have a Kodak ektasound movie deck 285, it is a projector for both 8 mm and super 8. I am a novice with this on most counts but do know how to operate it. My problem comes with the super 8 film: starts to feed then after it passes the 2nd roller into the chute for take up reel it will suddenly kick into rewind. None of this happens while using regular 8 mm film. Anyone know what my problem might be? Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks for reading!
Kris - January 27, 2021
I have a Goldcrest dual eight projector that isn't working. The bulb burns but the reels don't turn. I suspect it is the belt but cannot figure out how to open it to see the belt or change it. Any advice? I don't have the manual unfortunately.
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JohnKris - January 28, 2021
I'm not familiar with this brand, but usually screws to open the projector are at the back, but sometimes they can be found at the front of the projector. Search for large screws at the edge, and/or when you open the bulb housing. Sometimes screws are hidden behind manufacturer stickers or logos.
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KrisJohn - January 28, 2021
I was able to locate the screws and opened it up. I watched when I turned it on. Best as I can determine, the belt is slipping. With no film, it turns in a jerky way. Guess I will try to find a belt and try that. Thanks for the response.
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JohnKris - January 28, 2021
In the ol' days my dad cut a tiny piece out of the belt and glued the ends together again with superglue. Worked for a while :-) There could also be soe dirt accumulated around gears. Give it some oil and some TLC, and maybe it could be running as new again. Good luck!
Sean - November 12, 2020
Can any of these projectors be connected to a computer to convert or are the players only for viewing the reels? Sean
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JohnSean - November 12, 2020
These projectors are for viewing only. Mind, these are from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, so they can't be connected to a computer. Look here if you want to digitize and convert your movies: Video transfer and telecine.
Brisn - September 26, 2020
I have an Eumig Super-8/Single-8 Sound Projector. Will it play both Super-8 and Single-8 movies as is. I can’t see anything in the manual about switching between different movie format. Brian
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JohnBrisn - September 26, 2020
Yes, it will play super-8 and single-8 without any problems. They have the same sprocket size, but single-8 is a bit thinner. It's just the name Fuji gave to their system. Just don't feed your projector with standard (normal) 8mm, it will ruin your film.
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