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Paillard Bolex was a Swiss manufacturer of professional but also amateur home movie equipment during the 1930s through the 1960s.

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Camera Title Date Sold for
bolex paillard s321 16mm sound film projector Bolex Paillard S321 16mm Sound Film Projector... 10/2021 $675.00
bolex s 321 16mm sound silent movie projector pls Bolex S 321 16mm Sound Silent Movie Projector Pls... 09/2021 $325.00
paillard bolex model g3 tri film 8mm 9 5mm 16mm Paillard Bolex Model G3 Tri Film 8mm 9 5mm 16mm... 09/2021 $100.00
paillard bolex g 16 16mm projector case working Paillard Bolex G 16 16mm Projector Case Working... 09/2021 $149.98
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more11/2021-.--
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Chris - May 25, 2021
I have a Paillard Bolex model DA.The projector is in excellent condition, as yet untested prior to a new belt to be fitted. I HAVE NEVER SEEN ONE LIKE THIS ! Fitted in & projected from within case, with external arms to hold 1200'reels. Transformer built in. Appears to be a fitted Bolex product. Any details welcome ! Pictures available.
Lieke - February 15, 2021
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, benötige für einen Projektor"Bolex Paillard Modell S 321" einen Antriebsriemen und eine Bedienungsanleitung. Für einen Bescheid wäre ich dankbar. Mit freundl. Grüßen
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JohnLieke - February 15, 2021
Hier können Sie eine Deutsche Anleitung bestellen: Bolex S-321. Vielleicht kann Ihnen diese Firma auch mit einem Antriebsriemen helfen. Mfg.
Devin - February 14, 2021
Hi I was wondering about a Bolex Paillard S-221 - 16mm Sound Film Projector I came across recently that was brand new never been used in a gray case. With a extra bag with reels. Really neat projector. Would you know how much something like this worth? Thanks for your time 😊
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JohnDevin - February 15, 2021
Around 200-300 USD/EUR. Please be careful with brand new projectors. If they've never been used and only been stored, it could mean the belts and grease are dried out. Especially when they were stored in warm places like the attic or loft.