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Bell Howell 8mm Projector for sale on eBay

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In 1934, Bell & Howell introduced their first amateur 8mm movie projector, in 1935 the Filmo Straight Eight camera, and in 1936 the Double-Run Filmo 8. The 1938 Kodak cassette holding 25 feet of Double-Eight film was taken by the Filmo Auto-8 in 1940.

Bell Howell 8mm Projector value and price guide

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Camera Title Date Sold for
bell howell director series dual letric 8mm Bell Howell Director Series Dual Letric 8mm... 11/2021 $199.95
bell howell director series 8mm film projector Bell Howell Director Series 8mm Film Projector... 09/2021 $99.99
condition bell howell 467z 8mm super 8 projector w Condition Bell Howell 467z 8mm Super 8 Projector W... 09/2021 $125.00
bell howell autoload 466a 8mm super 8 film Bell Howell Autoload 466a 8mm Super 8 Film... 11/2021 $99.99
1960 s bell howell model 255a 8mm autoload 1960 S Bell Howell Model 255a 8mm Autoload... 10/2021 $149.95
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more11/2021-.--
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Christine - August 11, 2021
I have an original Bell & Howell 8mm Projector model 625 in its original box and instruction manual. Any one interested in making an offer. Was found in storage in our Scout Hall.
Jonathan - March 2, 2021
I need the small nylon I will call this a nut to keep the front spool rod on the arm, it is tiny and have lost this it is not a big as a pencil eraser.
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JohnJonathan - March 10, 2021
Hi, do you mean these: 8mm projector reel adapters?
Kenneth - February 26, 2021
are you interested in buying a Bell & Howell Lumina II TX37. In the box with the original Styrofoam.
Laura - February 26, 2021
I have three old 8mm film projectors. I don't know what to do with them. They are not working. I look at ebay and seems alot of people try to sell and apparently not sold. I have Bell & Howell 346A, Bell & Howell Model 256 and Revere Camera Company model 80. Any suggestions?
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JohnLaura - March 5, 2021
They are heavy to ship. You could try selling The Bell and Howells as a lot on eBay for parts, but if you have no bidders, and they are broken, in bad shape, etc. you could throw them away. I've ditched many of them, unfortunately ;-) For the Revere projector however you could still find a buyer on eBay, even broken, but you won't get much for it.
joe - January 11, 2021
looking for a manuel for a bell&howell 33sr projector