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Bell and Howell Co. was an important supplier of many different media technologies. The company built its name making such products as:

Bell & Howell introduced the first light weight amateur 8-mm movie camera in 1934, in which the film was loaded in a cassette that allowed daylight loading and unloading!

Bell Howell 16mm Projector value and price guide

What's your Bell Howell 16mm Projector worth, or what would you expect to pay? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Camera Title Date Sold for
bell howell 16mm projector model 1585 c worm gear Bell Howell 16mm Projector Model 1585 C Worm Gear... 10/2021 $650.00
bell howell model 1592 c 16mm film projector demo Bell Howell Model 1592 C 16mm Film Projector Demo... 10/2021 $475.00
bell howell 16mm sound projector model 1552 b worm Bell Howell 16mm Sound Projector Model 1552 B Worm... 09/2021 $435.00
bell howell filmosound385 16mm projector Bell Howell Filmosound385 16mm Projector... 09/2021 $305.00
bell howell 16mm filmosound tube amplifier Bell Howell 16mm Filmosound Tube Amplifier... 10/2021 $200.00
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Sunni - October 14, 2021
I have a bell Howell filmsound specialist 16 mm projector Serial number 91942. It works. I. Trying to find out where to look up info about it like year if manufacture etc and get an estimated value
Gary - February 16, 2021
I have a Bell & Howell Filmsound 16mm Sound projector in almost perfect shape. The number on it is: 1550/1181010, which is on the metal plate inside. Can you give me any information about this unit? Thank you
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JohnGary - February 23, 2021
The Filmosound 1550 is quite a common model and has a value of around 100 USD.
Steve - February 8, 2021
I have an old B&H 552 projector that was left in the house I purchased 30 years ago. I am trying to find anyone who would be interested in it as I cannot use it and I do not want to toss it. Lamp works; motor and reels do not. If you are interested or know of someone I can reach out to in the area would appreciate a message back. Thank you, Steve
Matt - December 31, 2020
I have a B&H Filmo Automatic Cine-Projector in mint and fully working condition (bulb works too). This is the first run with a round base (not oval) and comes with the original case which includes a spare take up reel, a bottle of splicing cement, splicing tool (with magnifier) and three screw-in fuses (don't know what they are for). I have dismantled the unit and completely lubricated the moving parts. Any idea of what I should ask for it?
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JoeMatt - February 9, 2021
Is it for sale?
Bob - October 4, 2020
How about a working Bell & Howell Filmosound 302 16mm projector. Very heavily used, but owned in one family. The visual works fine. No way to test the audio but no reason to think that part does not function.
Joseph - August 17, 2020
Anyone know where I can find the user/service manual for the B&H Filmo Diplomat design 173 model A?
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JohnJoseph - August 20, 2020
I found a manual for a B&H Diplomat, the scan is not too good though... Here it is, hope it helps: Bell & Howell Diplomat manual (PDF).
Michael - August 4, 2020
I have a a Bell and Howell 16mm Filmsound Projector, AV 8399, 1000watt, serial no: GG8707. I need to buy a projection lamp. Can you please advise me where I could purchase a new one or second hand one. Thank you
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JohnMichael - August 7, 2020
Hi there, have a look here: Bell & Howell projection lamps.
DaynMichael - January 15, 2021
I am looking to purchase an 8399. If you ever decide to sell yours, I would be interested. Thanks! -Dayn
Megan - July 1, 2020
I have a bell and howell motion picture projector 1487 a is the design number. Excellent condition. Also a vernon 808 duel 8 editor still in box. I was wondering the value?
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JohnMegan - July 2, 2020
The 1487 around 80 USD, the Vernon around 40 USD.
suzie - June 16, 2020
we have a Bell & Howell 1574 16 mm filmosound. Looks to be in pretty good condition. Can you tell me what it might be worth? Thanks!
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Johnsuzie - July 2, 2020
In running condition around 100-150 USD.
Shelley - June 6, 2020
Hello! I have a vintage bell & Howell filmosound des. 302 projector (less amplifier) ... it appears to be in working order, no more than normal wear & tear, considering what I’m guessing it’s age to be. I’m not very familiar with these items, (although I do think it seems pretty spiffy) ... I was hoping someone on here might be able to give me an idea of its value. Thanks in advance for any information. I appreciate it. :)
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JohnShelley - June 7, 2020
Well, I've seen them go for about 200-300 USD.
chris - May 24, 2020
i have a mint condition Bell & Howell 2592A 16mm film and sound projector, with buckle/snap removable enclosure and built-in power cable. Wondering approximate worth, and also the best place to possibly find and purchase some cult classics reels and decent film stock. THANKS!
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Johnchris - May 24, 2020
Your projector is worth around a 100 USD. I always buy cult classics, weird education movies or scientific 60s movies on eBay. Have a look here for example: 16mm films.
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chrisJohn - May 24, 2020
right on, thanks for the quick reply! down the rabbit hole i go.
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Johnchris - May 25, 2020
A couple of years ago I found a copy of an animation short by Roger Wood, based on the song Autobahn by Kraftwerk, made in 1979. Great film! Sometimes these reels are just a few bucks, like these 16mm commercials. Splice them together for a retro reel of fun.
Brad - April 4, 2020
I have B & H 16mm filmosound design 138 Model J. I do not have the cords. Just wondering on its value. Thanks in advance
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JohnBrad - April 6, 2020
Not sure... last month a broken one was sold on eBay UK for 30 GBP but for parts. So you have to make sure if it works (properly) to put a price tag on it.
Caroline - March 7, 2020
Have a 16mm film projector that was my dads from the family film company. We are wondering if it’s value. Thanks!
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JohnCaroline - March 7, 2020
Hi Caroline, it depends. Do you know the model and state (does it run, etc.)?