Bell Howell 16mm Projector for sale on eBay:
vintage bell howell filmo diplomat design
Vintage Bell Howell Filmo Diplomat Design
bell howell filmosound 179 16mm sound on
Bell Howell Filmosound 179 16mm Sound On
bell howell 80mm lens for 16mm projector
Bell Howell 80mm Lens For 16mm Projector
vintage 1926 bell howell model 57 filmo
Vintage 1926 Bell Howell Model 57 Filmo
bell howell 16mm projector quality long
Bell Howell 16mm Projector Quality Long
bell howell filmosound model 1579 16mm
Bell Howell Filmosound Model 1579 16mm
oem bell howell 16mm projector model 3585
Oem Bell Howell 16mm Projector Model 3585
vintage bell howell 545 filmosound
Vintage Bell Howell 545 Filmosound
vintage bell howell 644 tq1 16mm projector
Vintage Bell Howell 644 Tq1 16mm Projector
bell howell 16mm projector original
Bell Howell 16mm Projector Original
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The firm built its name making products such as:

Bell & Howell introduced the first light weight amateur 8-mm movie camera in 1934, in which the film was loaded in a cassette that allowed daylight loading and unloading!

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