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ampro 16mm stylist sound projector working
Ampro 16mm Stylist Sound Projector Working
ampro  stylist 16mm projector
Ampro  Stylist 16mm Projector
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1947 Ampro 16mm Premier 20 Amrpsound
ampro compact 16mm sound projector works
Ampro Compact 16mm Sound Projector Works
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16mm Ampro Jan Gpl Projector Part Pressure
16mm ampro jan gpl projector part
16mm Ampro Jan Gpl Projector Part
16mm ampro projector
16mm Ampro Projector
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Ampro Stylist 16mm Movie Projector Case
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Rare Wwii Military Training 16mm Film
16mm ampro jan gpl projector part
16mm Ampro Jan Gpl Projector Part
1950 ampro 16mm film sound movie projector
1950 Ampro 16mm Film Sound Movie Projector
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Ampro 16mm Film Projector Amprosound Model
ampro premier 20 precision 16mm film
Ampro Premier 20 Precision 16mm Film
ampro super stylist 16mm projector
Ampro Super Stylist 16mm Projector
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Ampro Corporation was founded in Chicago, Illinois by Swedish entrepreneur Axel Monson who arrived in the U.S. in 1902. In 1924 Axel began to study the motion picture industry and by 1929 he had perfected a new 16mm. projector, known under the trade name AMPRO, Axel Monson PROducts.

The business was a success and at one time employed 700 people.

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