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Ampro Corporation was founded in Chicago, Illinois by Swedish entrepreneur Axel Monson (the name was an adaptation of "Axel Monson Products") who arrived in the U.S. in 1902.

At just 19, he briefly settled in Boston before joining the tool department of International Harvester's mighty McCormick works in Chicago. By 30, he had risen to the level of superintendent there, but walked away in 1914 to launch his own business: the Universal Stamping and Manufacturing Company.

In 1924 Axel began to study the motion picture industry and by 1929 he had perfected a new 16mm. projector, known under the trade name AMPRO, Axel Monson PROducts.

The business was a success and at one time employed 700 people.

A popular model at the time was the 'Ampro Stylist'.

Updated: 15 February 2021

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Camera Title Date Sold for
1930 s ampro 16mm silent precision projector 1930 S Ampro 16mm Silent Precision Projector... 08/2021 $144.98
ampro stylist super stylist projector belts ampro Ampro Stylist Super Stylist Projector Belts Ampro... 10/2021 $44.87
ampro premier 10 20 30 stylist 16mm projectors Ampro Premier 10 20 30 Stylist 16mm Projectors... 10/2021 $25.00
ampro stylist 16mm sound silent film projector Ampro Stylist 16mm Sound Silent Film Projector... 09/2021 $200.00
ampro premier stylist projector Ampro Premier Stylist Projector... 10/2021 $100.00
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more11/2021-.--
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Nicolette - April 24, 2021
Hello, we have inherited an Ampro Precision Projector serial AD5260, and are looking for information on how to check it's operations. The lamps work, the belt work when we turn it on, but the reels are not moving. Any help or point in a direction would be much appreciated!
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JohnNicolette - May 25, 2021
Hi Nicolette, only the rear wheel should turn when you put the large dial or switch of the projector in forward position. In rewind position, only the front wheel should turn.
Joe - December 29, 2020
I've bin a ampro collector for 50 years have almost all of the models waiting for a UA model soon.
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LeeJoe - February 27, 2021
Hey how are you Joe I have a vintage Ampro Imperial I'm looking to get rid of to someone who appreciates vintage stuff it's in excellent condition