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It doesn't matter if you still have a bunch of 16mm home movies, shot by you or your (great-)grandfather, or you are an avid collector of feature films on celluloid, you still need a projector to start the show and entertain your audience.

These machines are getting older and older, and no new projectors are made. So are you looking for parts, or a 'brand new vintage' 16mm projector? Browse here and maybe you find the Bell & Howell, Bolex, Ampro, Eiki, Bauer, RCA, Kodak or Elmo you're looking for.

Updated: 14 July 2020

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Camera Title Date Sold for
elmo 16mm telecine 5 blade projector Elmo 16mm Telecine 5 Blade Projector... 05/2021 $1 499.00
bell howell 179 16mm sound projector in pristine Bell Howell 179 16mm Sound Projector In Pristine... 07/2021 $1 125.00
elmo 16 cl projector 16mm for parts or fix Elmo 16 Cl Projector 16mm For Parts Or Fix... 06/2021 $160.38
eiki rt 0 16mm sound projector for parts or fix Eiki Rt 0 16mm Sound Projector For Parts Or Fix... 07/2021 $141.50
eiki snt 0 3585 slim line 16mm auto load film Eiki Snt 0 3585 Slim Line 16mm Auto Load Film... 07/2021 $799.95
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices10/2021-.--
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John - September 7, 2021
I'm looking for a 16mm projector that handles double sprocket film. I believe the sound projectors only handle single sprocket. I have a Bolex that my dad bought 2nd hand in the 50s. Worried it will give up the ghost. Thanks.
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WebmasterJohn - September 10, 2021
It is possible to project double perforated film in sound projectors. Only not the other way round :-)
Mark - June 16, 2021
Hello, I have 5 hours of silent 16mm film my grandmother shot in the 1920s, that I want to digitize. It's amazing. The film was shot at 18fps, silent speed. It was a spring driven camera. I have an old projector with a silent setting, but it has an resistor that overheats and needs to be replaced. Do I repair the one I have or buy a vintage one on the internet? What if I plugged my newer 24fps only, sound film projector into a quality dimmer and controlled the speed that way? How do I find a projector repair shop in the Los Angeles area? How much better would black and white look on a telecine?
Dan - December 5, 2020
Hi, I have a friend who has some old 16mm films (I think) but he doesn't have a projector to play them on. I am wanting to buy him a working 16mm projector that he can play them on. Was wondering if you have anything for sale? Also, can I send you a couple photos of his film. I want to be sure it is 16mm. I measured the width and it is exactly 5/8" wide, and has notches on only one side of the film reel. Thank you for any help you can give me.
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JohnDan - December 6, 2020
What a nice gesture :-) Indeed, you need a 16mm projector. Can you figure out if your friend has sound films or not? If the films only have sprocket holes on one side, it could be that they are soundies. I don't sell projectors right now, but you can find plenty on eBay (you'll find some listings on this page). If you have any more questions, shoot ;-)
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DanJohn - December 7, 2020
I double checked one of his 16mm films and it has what looks like a "heartbeat" monitor bar on one side of the film, where the picture starts..I assume this is "optical" sound???
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JohnDan - December 7, 2020
Yup, nice description of the sound strip :-) Optical sound indeed and very common to find in 1970s and 1980s projectors. Some have dual options for playing magnetic and optical. Don't forget to check if the projector you're going to buy has an empty take-up reel included.
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DanJohn - December 7, 2020
Sounds I am looking for a 1970's or newer 16mm projector it sounds like. Man I could kick myself..about 15 years ago, our old high school had probably 2 dozen of the Bell and Howell projectors they were getting rid of, since they were moving to dvd players, etc...and nobody wanted them. At the time I thought they were worthless junk..and so the school district pitched all 2 dozen of them in the garbage bin. Man what I wouldnt give to have them all back.
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JohnDan - December 7, 2020
Oh man I know, tell me about it... all those wonderful things which were once junk and now collectibles or highly sought after. So yep, you need a Bell or any other 16mm with optical sound!
stuart - October 10, 2020
Do you have any projectors with magnetic sound? I can find optical projectors, but I'm looking for magnetic audio. If not, can you tell me a model that might have that feature? Thanks
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Johnstuart - October 10, 2020
At the moment I don't have any 16mm projector for sale. I have only one left, with both optic and magnetic sound. You have to look out for 'newer' projectors, 1970s-1980s projectors usually have both. I own a Bauer, and many of them have both sound options, for example the Bauer P6, P7 and P8. Also some Bell & Howell projectors also have both options.
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Bell Howell 2585
Bell Howell 2585 16mm Sound Movie
Eiki Bell Howell
Eiki Bell Howell 3585 Fimosoumd
Ampro 16mm Compact
Ampro 16mm Compact Projector
Bell Howell 16mm
Bell Howell 16mm Filmosound 138 C
1 bids
Revere 16mm Film
Revere 16mm Film Movie Projector
Kodak Pageant Av 126
Kodak Pageant Av 126 Tr Sound Movie
Bell Howell
Bell Howell Filmosound 1540 16mm
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Bell Howell 2592 A
Bell Howell 2592 A 16mm Filmosound
Elmo Cl 16 16mm
Elmo Cl 16 16mm Projector 5 Blade
Natco 16mm Sound
Natco 16mm Sound Motion Picture
Kodak Pageant 16mm
Kodak Pageant 16mm Projector Model
Bell Howell Military
Bell Howell Military 16mm Projector
Gaf Raillard 16mm
Gaf Raillard 16mm Film Projector
Bell Howell
Bell Howell Filmosound 1580 16mm
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Movie Projector W
Movie Projector W Box Film Reel
Bell Howell Co
Bell Howell Co Chicago Filmo
Kodascope Model G
Kodascope Model G Movie Projector
16mm Elmo Projector
16mm Elmo Projector Serviced
Graflex Model 920
Graflex Model 920 16mm Sound
Kodak Kodascope
Kodak Kodascope Model B 16mm
Kodak Kodascope
Kodak Kodascope Model D 16mm Movie
Natco 16mm Film
Natco 16mm Film Projector Model
Ampro Stylist 16mm
Ampro Stylist 16mm Sound Silent
Keystone Model A 82
Keystone Model A 82 16mm Projector
Bell Howell Autoload
Bell Howell Autoload 16mm
Working Kodascope
Working Kodascope Sixteen 10 Movie
Bell Howell 1592c
Bell Howell 1592c 16mm Projector W
Eiki Nt 0 16mm
Eiki Nt 0 16mm Optical Sound
16mm Kodak Pageant
16mm Kodak Pageant Sound Projector
Sears Tower 16mm
Sears Tower 16mm Sound Movie Film
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