Film projectors

My #1, all-time-favorite super-8 brand is Eumig. Specifically the 600D-series: 600d, 605d, 607d, 610d, 614d, etc. Why? For several reasons:

eumig projector

I used these projectors a lot in clubs and at dance events. 5 in a row, set at 3 frames/sec. and you don't have to worry for the next couple of hours.

Looking for 8mm. projectors? Search here for super-8 projectors, or maybe you're looking for dual 8mm projector to use with both super-8 and normal-8 (regular-8 or also known as double-8).

The best super 8 projectors

According to the internet, these super 8 projectors are most sought after and popular:

16mm projectors

Well known 16mm. brands includes Ampro, Bauer, Bell & Howell, Bolex, Eiki, Elmo, Keystone, Kodak and Siemens.

Browse all 16mm projectors for sale.

8mm. editors

These machines might come in handy if you want to quickly 'skim' through your movies to see what you want to transfer to video or for good old editing purposes. Here you can find super 8mm editors and viewers for sale on eBay.

Gakken 8mm. projector

Did you know that the Japanese company Gakken introduced a brand new dual 8mm. projector in 2008? Thats right! Don't expect to much from it though, it's more of a toy than a sturdy projector (DISCONTINUED).

Other sources for buying movie projectors are:, oaktreevintage, super8ireland (Ireland, UK) and

Toy movie projectors

In the 1960s and 1970s there were also toy film projectors for kids, like this Fisher Price Movie Viewer.

Updated: 13 October 2020