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No super 8 outfit is complete without a genuine vintage film camera. Shoot artistic b/w or color photos with an analog camera. Only 24 to 36 shots, so be careful what to shoot! You can also make wonderful slides. Project them with a slide projector on your wall or white screen for raizor sharp images.

Vintage 35mm Camera value and price guide

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Camera Title Date Sold for
wirgin edixa flex type 2 1964 35mm slr camera m42 Wirgin Edixa Flex Type 2 1964 35mm Slr Camera M42... 06/2021 $91.08
kinap konvas 1 35mm hand cranked ussr movie camera Kinap Konvas 1 35mm Hand Cranked Ussr Movie Camera... 06/2021 $3 200.00
1960 s leica m2 35mm rangefinder camera w f2 8 1960 S Leica M2 35mm Rangefinder Camera W F2 8... 05/2021 $2 550.00
1960 s leica m2 35mm rangefinder camera w f2 8 1960 S Leica M2 35mm Rangefinder Camera W F2 8... 05/2021 $2 408.00
bell howell 35mm eyemo kf 2 cine camera military Bell Howell 35mm Eyemo Kf 2 Cine Camera Military... 07/2021 $1 595.00
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices09/2021-.--
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Vintage 35mm Camera for sale on eBay and Etsy
Film Camera 35mm
Film Camera 35mm Smena Symbol Rare...
Olympia Advanced
Olympia Advanced El1124 35mm Film...
Gaf L Cm 35mm Film
Gaf L Cm 35mm Film Camera W Chinon...
Nishika N8000 35mm 3
Nishika N8000 35mm 3 D Camera...
Walz Electric 18
Walz Electric 18 35mm Camera W...
Novoflex 35mm Camera
Novoflex 35mm Camera Adaptor To...
Canon Sure Shot 80u
Canon Sure Shot 80u Mini 35mm Point...
Mint Minolta Prod 20
Mint Minolta Prod 20 S Point Shot...
Fed 3 Film Camera
Fed 3 Film Camera 35mm Rangefinder...
Kodak Retina I 010
Kodak Retina I 010 35mm Camera...
2 bids
Film Presets 4
Film Presets 4 Lightroom Mobile...
Olympus Om10 35mm
Olympus Om10 35mm Film Camera W...
Zenit Ttl 35mm
Zenit Ttl 35mm Camera Kamera Helios...
Argus 35 Mm Film
Argus 35 Mm Film Camera W Flash...
1 bids
Olympus Stylus Epic
Olympus Stylus Epic Zoom 80 35mm...
10 Kodak Portra
10 Kodak Portra Lightroom Mobile...
Meikai 35mm Camera
Meikai 35mm Camera Ar 4395 1 50 F...
Kodak Retina Reflex
Kodak Retina Reflex 025 35mm Camera...
5 bids
Canon Sure Shot
Canon Sure Shot Telemax 35mm Point...
Dejur D 1 35mm
Dejur D 1 35mm Camera Isco Westar...
1 bids
Agfa Karat 35mm Film
Agfa Karat 35mm Film Camera...
Cavalier Stl I 35mm
Cavalier Stl I 35mm Camera Sekor Sx...
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex Camera Extras...
Olympus Om10 35mm
Olympus Om10 35mm Film Camera W...
Film Camera 35mm
Film Camera 35mm Smena 2 Ussr 1956...
Film Camera 35mm Fed
Film Camera 35mm Fed 50 Tested Rare...
Carl Zeiss Ikon
Carl Zeiss Ikon Contaflex 35mm...
Olympus Mju Ii
Olympus Mju Ii Stylus Epic Black...
Sokol 2 Ussr Soviet
Sokol 2 Ussr Soviet Era Camera Lens...
Exakta 500 35mm
Exakta 500 35mm Camera Extra...
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