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Super 8 for sale

You want to buy a super 8 movie camera? There are so many models for sale, which one is the best for your film projects?

If you're not a professional film maker it doesn't really matter! No kidding, it's all about what you do with it and want to film. Be creative!

What is a super 8 camera?

super 8 camera

Super 8 cameras were introduced in 1965 by Kodak for their new film format super 8mm, which replaced the regular-8mm (also known as double-8 or standard-8) film format which Kodak released in 1932. Most super 8 cameras readily available nowadays are used ones from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s! So be careful if you buy one, be it a Nizo, Canon, Nikon or Beaulieu, make sure everything is tip top!

There are some very good high-end super 8 cameras for sale, a lot of decent movie cameras, and a whole bunch that might be better avoided. Personally, I would recommend buying a Nizo 481, 561 or 801 if you have a modest budget and you don't need to record sound with an external recorder.

Other good quality cameras, and sometimes cheaper, are the ones from Canon, like the Canon 518 or the 814 (XL-S), his bigger brother.

If you are on a tight budget, why not try out a vintage, cheaper camera first? If you get hooked, you can always buy a more expensive one with more features.

Professional super 8 cameras

You want the best of the best, warranty and excellent services? It's true that finding a good camera on eBay can be a hassle and you have to spend a lot of time finding the right, reliable listings. It doesn't help if the camera is described as a 'perfectly functioning camera 30 years ago'. There are some service shops out there where you can buy overhauled movie cameras with warranty.

Indoor, outdoor, Low-Light subjects

First of all: what do you want to do with your camera, film indoors or mainly outdoors? Sport events, fast camera work or will it be on a tripod a lot? Most cameras will shoot at multiple speeds but the cheaper ones tend to only have the 18 fps. option. At this speed, your precious super 8 film cartridge with 50 ft. (15 mt.) of film will last around 3 min. and 20 sec. Also good in low-light conditions since the slower shutter speed will let more light through. Most sound cameras have 24 fps. which means you can film approx. 2 min. and 30 sec. with one cartridge.

Want to film with sound?

In the good ol' days Kodak and other film manufacturers like Agfa made sound-striped super 8 cartridges. These only fit in sound cameras, like the Canon 1014 XLS, 814XL-S or some Nizo's. Unfortunately these films are not produced anymore. If you want to record local sound, use a (digital) recorder for editing in post-production. Be aware that super 8 cameras which were not intended to record sound, can be more noisy, so buy a Nizo 2056, 4080 or 6080 or 1014XL-S or 814XL-S or any other super-8 sound camera, which are more quiet if you want to record external sound.

Process your own super-8 movies

I really recommend processing your own film, it's incredible rewarding. It's not that difficult and all you need are some chemicals and a super-8mm developing tank like the Lomo tank.


Find out more about how to choose a 8mm camera on YouTube. Looking for places to discuss and connect with other movie buffs? Take a look at these forums:, reddit/r/8mm/, and this Facebook group.

Updated: 3 June 2020
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Ryan - April 6, 2020
Hi, I hope all is well I have a canon canosound 514xl-s I am just looking to know where I could purchase film for it? and is that canon auto zoom 518 cine camera is it working?, Thank you
JohnRyan - April 6, 2020
Hi, you can find more info on my page about the Canon 514 XL-S. I don't sell cameras right now, so I don't have a Canon 518.
Dominic - April 18, 2020
Hi, Love this site. I am looking for a super 8mm camera that as is tested and shoots single frame option with the regular trigger? Do you have some available?
WebmasterDominic - April 19, 2020
I have a couple of Nizo cameras and a Canon 814 Auto Zoom Electronic. I'll have a look.
WebmasterDominic - April 22, 2020
Do you prefer a brand or special kind of camera? I have a Nizo 561 Macro, Nizo 481, Canon Auto Zoom 814 Electronic (so the 2nd series), and a Nizo 6080. Though I really love these two cameras because of their features, the Nizo 561 and 481 need separate light meter batteries.
Andrew - June 18, 2020
I recently purchased an Argus Showmaster 822 that was manufactured in 1967 and is tested, but not by me. I am interested if anyone in this forum has operated this model of camera in the past. I have read the operating manual and gone through the steps except for actual filming.
JohnAndrew - July 2, 2020
It's very important to buy PX-13 or equivalent batteries for the light meter (see inside cartridge compartment). This camera doesn't have much functions, so check if it's capable of manually adjusting the exposure, in case the camera doesn't read the film stock you buy automatically.