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Of course, next to your super 8 camera, you need a still camera. Consider to make a vintage Polaroid camera part of your gear. You can instantly make pics on the set while filming, and even use these retro pics in your (digital) editing. The SX-70 is very popular nowadays, is easy to carry with no-hassle developing technology.

The Land Camera is a model of self-developing film camera manufactured by Polaroid between 1948 and 1983. It is named after their inventor, Edwin Land, who developed a process for self-developing photography between 1943 and 1947. The Polaroid Land Camera SX-70 is a folding single lens reflex camera, and was made by the Polaroid Corporation from 1972 to 1981. The Land Camera Model 95, introduced in 1948, was the first camera to use instant film to quickly produce photos without processing. The camera required complex procedures to take and produce good photographs. Photographic paper had to be manually removed from cameras, peeled open after 60 seconds, needed several minutes to dry, and often left developing chemicals on hands.

Pictures from the SX-70, by contrast, ejected automatically and processed quickly and fully within 10 minutes, without chemical residue.

andy warhol with polaroid camera

There were a variety of models, though all shared the same basic design. The later Sonar OneStep and SLR 680 models had a sonar autofocus system. This autofocus system greatly helped the ability to focus the camera, especially in dark environments, and could be turned off if manual focus was needed.

Though expensive, the SX-70 was popular in the 1970s and retains a cult following today. Try to get your hands on expired film, these usually still work and you can create great pictures!

Updated: 2 November 2021

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nice polaroid sx 70 land camera w leather case Nice Polaroid Sx 70 Land Camera W Leather Case... 10/2021 $433.00
tested n w accessory polaroid sx 70 land camera Tested N W Accessory Polaroid Sx 70 Land Camera... 09/2021 $424.99
white ivory polaroid i type converted camera sx 70 White Ivory Polaroid I Type Converted Camera Sx 70... 08/2021 $400.00
polaroid sx 70 land camera in original box Polaroid Sx 70 Land Camera In Original Box... 09/2021 $400.00
polaroid sx 70 land camera brown w accessory kit Polaroid Sx 70 Land Camera Brown W Accessory Kit... 09/2021 $299.99
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