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One of the most loved brands in the super-8mm world, most Nizo cameras, made by Braun, have features no other camera has. Look specifically for the models with the automatic B-function (480-801), with this function the camera exposes one frame as long as is necessary before going to the next frame. I made a stop-motion movie with a Nizo 481 from the moon going down during the night. Besides you can fully open the the shutter.

Nizo S800

Take a look here for specs and more of the popular Nizo S800 or if you want to shoot with sound the very quiet Nizo 6080 and 6056.

Nizo features

Takes Ektachrome 100D and newer stock?

Nizo S480, S560, S800, 481, 561, 801: YES

Nizo 106,116, S2, 136, 148, 156, Integral: "YES"*
*These smaller camera's take 25, 50D (see YouTube), 40, 100D and 160 ASA, but not always without some manual adjustments

Be careful with the Nizo Integral series. I had a few and they always broke down.

jim morrison movie camera
Jim Morrison with probably a Nizo S560.

Updated: 22 April 2020

Nizo value and price guide

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Camera Title Date Sold for
braun nizo 801 macro super 8 camera fully Braun Nizo 801 Macro Super 8 Camera Fully... 09/2021 $899.00
nizo 801 super 8 film camera mint serviced 1150565 Nizo 801 Super 8 Film Camera Mint Serviced 1150565... 08/2021 $849.00
nizo professional super 8mm camera w schneider Nizo Professional Super 8mm Camera W Schneider... 08/2021 $690.00
braun nizo 801 super 8 camera film tested fully Braun Nizo 801 Super 8 Camera Film Tested Fully... 10/2021 $649.00
design braun nizo 801 macro super 8 movie film Design Braun Nizo 801 Macro Super 8 Movie Film... 07/2021 $497.00
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices10/2021-.--
See also:
Nizo 6080 Nizo 801 Nizo s800

Nizo forum

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Brett - January 3, 2021
hello i have a nizo 481 and the latch on the bottom of the camera that the battery compartment folds up to and clips on to, is broken and the pistol grip won’t connect to the camera anymore, think i could replace the part if i had one, other than getting a “parts” camera off ebay, is there some place else i could get this piece ?
Elton - December 25, 2020
Hi, I have a Nizo S2. What film speeds work for the auto setting? It's my first time shooting Super 8 and I wasn't sure which speed film to use if I want to shoot in the automatic exposure setting.
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JohnElton - January 9, 2021
Film speed auto setting for 25/40 and 100/160 ASA (daylight/tungsten).
Martin - September 23, 2020
Need a battery box for a Nizo S80. Where can I purchese one or can I use the battery box from an S801? Thanks for any help. Martin
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JanMartin - September 24, 2020
Yes, these boxes are interchangeable between similar models (S480, 481, S560, 561, 801, 2056, 4086, etc.)
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MartinJan - September 24, 2020
I thought I saw in a schematic that the S80 uses 3 AA batteries whereas the S800 has 6.
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JanMartin - September 25, 2020
The battery box needs 2x 3-AA batteries = 6 batteries.
Mike - September 6, 2020
Hi, anyone know how to film double exposures on the Nizo 801 Macro, please?
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JohnMike - September 6, 2020
You'll need the rewind button on top of your camera. I've uploaded a manual for the 801 so you'll have all details.
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MikeJohn - September 6, 2020
Many thanks, John!
Charlie - August 7, 2020
Does Nizo ever restock their cameras? I have been looking to buy one of their super 8 cameras but they're out of stock and I can only find them on ebay. Thanks!
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JohnCharlie - August 7, 2020
I think the last one they made was in the beginning of the 1980s. So all Nizo cameras you see for sale, are at least 35 to 50 years old.
JohnCharlie - August 9, 2020
The Nizo company doesn't exist anymore. The website you're looking at sells 2nd hand Nizo cameras, and is not an official Nizo website. There will be never 'new' Nizo cameras, and they are fixing old cameras :-)
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NickJohn - May 28, 2021
Nizo was Braun, sold to Bosch in the 80's, having contacted both Braun and Bosch Archive departments, despite being super helpful they have barely any information left on these gems apart from 2 manuals of the S800 and and S561... in German. True Story. lol So thankful for finding my S800 on facebook from a deceased estate. He was a photographer and amateur film-maker through the 50's to 80's, so kool to keep his legacy alive.
Steve - July 26, 2020
I was wondering if the section/piece that creates the split image on my 801 can be moved. When my camera is in the proper focus (confirmed by processed film) and the diopter is set to my eyesight, the split image is off significantly. I can still use the camera, but it would be nice to have the split image adjusted to be correct.
Oscar - May 1, 2020
Hi, I just got a Nizo S8T - any idea if it'll work with Kodak 200T? I couldn't find much information on the camera besides a youtube video that uses 50D. I assume i'll need to manually set the exposure?
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JohnOscar - May 2, 2020
This is an interesting one. I can't find any manuals, but it looks similar to the 480, 560, S800 series, although the model is from 1967. It will probably read 200T as 160, so I guess you have to experiment a bit with extra stops and write down what you did and when for future reference. Also, find some YouTube videos of Nizo with 200T and read the descriptions and comments, some have excellent info. I'll get back to you if I come across more info.
Ben - April 10, 2020
Hi, I recently got a Nizo Spezial 148 but haven't used it yet. I saw on your Nizo page you said the 148 wouldn't work with Ektachrome. Will it work with Vision 3 or any other stocks currently made? Thanks!
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JohnBen - April 10, 2020
I'll get back with more details, but it looks like you can use 100D with your camera. I found a few videos, for example this one. There might be more footage, so you might want to search a bit on YouTube.
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BenJohn - April 11, 2020
Thanks very much John, thats good news!
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JohnBen - April 13, 2020
Though it is possible to film with 100D, you might need some manual exposure adjustments under some circumstances. See the first comment with replies in this video for more details: Nizo 156 and 100D (the 156 is technically the same as your 148).
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