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Nizo S800 for sale

"With a Nizo camera your very first film is a triumph and the 1,000th is still a thrill! The automatic time lapse system and variable shutter gives all settings for quick-action filming from 6 frames/sec. to one frame/minute."


Looking for samples and footage shot with the Nizo S800? You'll find plenty on YouTube.


LensSchneider Variogon f/1.8 / 7 - 80 mm
FocusSplit-image focusing, range 1.5 to infinity
ApertureRange: 1.8 to 22
ZoomAuto / Manual Zoom with 2 speeds, range 1 to 11.4
Filming speeds (fps)18, 24, 54, single frame
Shutter openingVariable
Exposure controlManual, auto-exposure and time exposure
FadesLap dissolve of 85 frames
SocketsRemote control, cable release sockets and electronic flash synchronization.
TimerInterval timer with 1/6-60 second intervals
Updated: 25 February 2020
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