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"With a Nizo 801 your very first super 8 film will be a triumph and the 1,000th is still a thrill! The automatic time lapse system and variable shutter gives all settings for quick-action filming from 6 frames/sec. to one frame/minute."

801 sample footage

Looking for samples and footage shot with the Nizo 801 Macro? You'll find plenty on YouTube.


LensSchneider Variogon f/1.8 / 7 - 80 mm
FocusMacro (model 801 Macro only) and split-image focusing
ApertureRange: 1.8 to 22
Filter size62 mm
ZoomAuto / Manual Zoom with 2 speeds, ratio: 11.4
Filming speeds (fps)18, 24, 54, single frame
Stockbetween 10/16 and 100/160 ASA daylight/tungsten
Shutter degreeVariable
Exposure controlManual, auto-exposure and time exposure (1/8 to 60 sec.), +1 f/stop compensation
FadesLap dissolve of 63 frames/3.5 sec.
SocketsRemote control, cable release sockets and electronic flash synchronization.
TimerInterval timer with 1/6-60 second intervals


Looking for the manual?
Download here the Nizo 801 Macro instruction manual (PDF).

Updated: 13 April 2021

Nizo 801 value and price guide

What's your Nizo 801 worth, or what would you expect to pay? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Camera Title Date Sold for
nizo 801 super 8 film camera serviced 1150565 2282 Nizo 801 Super 8 Film Camera Serviced 1150565 2282... 08/2021 $849.00
braun nizo 801 super 8 camera film tested fully Braun Nizo 801 Super 8 Camera Film Tested Fully... 10/2021 $649.00
braun nizo 801 macro black super 8 movie camera Braun Nizo 801 Macro Black Super 8 Movie Camera... 08/2021 $400.00
design braun nizo 801 super 8 movie camera case Design Braun Nizo 801 Super 8 Movie Camera Case... 08/2021 $349.00
braun nizo 801 macro super 8 movie camera in Braun Nizo 801 Macro Super 8 Movie Camera In... 11/2021 $348.00
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more11/2021-.--
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