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Specifications Minolta Autopak-8 D6

LensRokkor f: 1.8 F: 8.4-50 mm
Zooming: 6x
Focusing: manual, microprism
ZoomingAuto with 2 speeds and manual
Filter size49 mm
ViewfinderSingle-lens reflex, adjustable eyepiece
Information: aperture scale, under/over-exposure,safe-run and film-end signal, battery indicator
ExposureFully automatic exposure control
CdS cell
EE lock: yes
Backlight controlYes
Film speedAuto for 25/40, 40/64, 64/100, 100/160 ASA (daylight/tungsten)
CCA filterBuilt-in, filter 85A, coupled with movie light, filter-retracting screw
Shutter openingRotary type with speeds of 1/40 sec (single frame, 18 fps), 1/72 sec (32 fps)
Filming speed18, 32 fps, single frame
Interval timerYes
remote control socketYes
Synchronized flash socketYes
power source4x AA batteries
weight1250 g

Sample movies

What are the results with the Minolta Autopak-8 cameras? Have a look here on YouTube for some samples.

Updated: 17 March 2020
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Minolta Autopak forum

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Andreas - March 16, 2020
What modern film would be compatible with a minolta autopak.
JohnAndreas - March 16, 2020
Hi, what model do you have?
AndreasJohn - March 16, 2020
I have the minolta autopak 8 s3. I was looking at purchasing Fomapan R100 Black and White Transparency Film. Confused between double standard 8mm and double super8. Thanks so much!
JohnAndreas - March 16, 2020
I'm afraid you can't use Fomapan R100 film in your camera, because it doesn't fit, literally ;-). You need super 8 cartridges, for example made by Kodak. Double super-8 (and standard 8mm) is on a reel and is 16mm. wide. You can read about this here. Good news is your camera takes the more common super 8 cartridge!
andreasJohn - March 16, 2020
Thanks so much for the info! I went ahead and ordered: Kodak Tri-X Black-and-White Reversal Film #7266 (Super 8, 50' Roll)
Johnandreas - March 16, 2020
Fantastic, good choice and good luck with your movie! Remember, there are only about 3 minutes on one cartridge, so choose your shots wisely... ;-)
Ivan - June 4, 2020
Hello, I have a Minolta Auto-Pak 8 D6. I was looking for film recommendations for the camera?
JohnIvan - June 5, 2020
Hi Ivan, I found this YouTube video where I found the following info:
Daylight: ASA 25, 40, 64, 100
Artificial light: ASA 40, 64, 100, 160
Ricky - June 30, 2020
Hello! What’s the difference between the Autopak 8 K series and the D series? Is one more superior than the other ? Thanks for the help!
JohnRicky - July 2, 2020
The K series was the first range of super 8 cameras Minolta made, up until 1969. The D series were made from around 1970 until 1977. D cameras are lighter and more modern, so I would definitely go for a D camera :-)