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With the Lomography LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker you make short, 35mm movies with any 35mm roll you want: Black/white, color, high-grain, low-grain, it doesn't matter. You can shoot around 144 frames (around 25 seconds) of masterfully cinematic shorts with it. Glue them together and you can even create your own 35mm feature! Be sure to have enough time on your hands though :-). But it truly is a 35mm analogue movie camera, shooting a super narrow frame of 24mm x 8.5mm.

Be sure to shoot on positive when you're planning to project your film with the LomoKinoScope. A lot of first time owners make the mistake of loading their LomoKino with negative film and well yes, you'll get a weird negatve projection. Of course, this could also be intentional. Not sure what to expect? Check out some sample movies @ the official LomoKino Screening Room.

lomokino super 35 movie camera

Specs & features

Shutter Speeds fixed 1/100
Exposure Area 24x8.5mm
Film advance Lever
Film Format 35 mm
Flash connection Hot-Shoe
Focusing Fixed Focus
Focusing Distance 0.6m - Infinity
Frame Counter Volume display


Updated: 5 December 2021

Lomokino 35mm value and price guide

What's your Lomokino 35mm worth, or what would you expect to pay? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

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used lomography lomokino super 35 movie maker Used Lomography Lomokino Super 35 Movie Maker... 11/2021 $25
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