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Fantastically made with precision by Leitz and looking great, the Leicina Special - in German Spezial - was (still is!) a master work of stylish, and unequivocal electromechanical design and construction. No wonder the camera was intended as the pinnacle of super 8 cameras. Aimed at serious amateurs, professional cinematographers, and scientists, this one is built like a tank, and still very popular today. The large, sturdy Leica M mount enables the use of M42 screw-mount lenses, Arriflex lenses, Leica M rangefinder lenses,Leica screw mount (with adapters), Leicaflex SLR lenses, and Minolta- and Canon-mount lenses (but no C-mount lenses). Leitz also made a rare high speed variant, Leicina Special High Speed (90-130fps).

Some film makers prefer this camera over the Canon 1014XL-S or Beaulieu 4008.

Leicina Special


LensInterchangeable lenses, M-mount type
Basic Schneider Optivaron f1,8 6-66 mmZooming ratio: 11x
Focus: Manual
Macro focusing: Auto and manual zooming
Filter size: 62 mm
Exposure:Auto and manual
Rangefindersplit image
ViewfinderSingle-lens reflex, adjustable eyepiece
exposureAuto and manual exposure, TTL Electric Eye
Exposure compensation+/- correction for auto
Film speedManual setting between 10 and 1000 ASA
CCA filterBuilt-in 85A filter with switch
Filming speed9, 18, 25, 54 fps, single frame
Shutter opening angle<180 degrees
Lap dissolveyes
Time exposureyes
Remote control socketyes
Cable release socketyes
frame counteryes
Film drive motorDC micromotor
Power source5 x AA batteries
Weight960 g (body only)


Looking for the manual for more features? Download here a copy of the Leicina users guide (PDF, 9.5 mb).


Updated: 11 November 2021

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Camera Title Date Sold for
n w case leica leitz leicina special movie camera N W Case Leica Leitz Leicina Special Movie Camera... 09/2021 $1 989.99
leicina special camera serviced 082638 2439 Leicina Special Camera Serviced 082638 2439... 08/2021 $999.00
pro modified leicina special leitz leica super 8mm Pro Modified Leicina Special Leitz Leica Super 8mm... 10/2021 $1 000.00
leicina special macro cinegon leitz 22221 vf Leicina Special Macro Cinegon Leitz 22221 Vf... 09/2021 $703.90
junk for parts leica leitz leicina special movie Junk For Parts Leica Leitz Leicina Special Movie... 09/2021 $399.99
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more11/2021-.--
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Tim - March 1, 2021
Hello I have a Leicina Special. I have a shoot tomorrow morning and have some Kodak 7219 stock, the 500 ASA Tungsten film. I am shooting an exterior in daylight. Do I switch the camera to Sunlight mode, and rate the care at 320 ASA in daylight? Confused with the inbuilt filter.. Thanks Tim
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JohnTim - March 5, 2021
Sorry, I don't check this forum every day ;-) For these questions you could maybe ask in one of the numerous super 8mm Facebook groups for faster response, like this Super 8mm group.