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Eclair was in business from 1928 through 1982. In the 1960s the company virtually created the concept of the "independent filmmaker" with its breakthrough 16mm camera design for the Eclair NPR. The NPR (Noiseless Portable Reflex) placed the sprocket drive and pressure plate in the magazine itself, so that reloading was merely a matter of snapping magazines on and off a body that resembled more of a conduit for the lens, motor and magazine than a conventional motion picture camera.

The NPR was a breakthrough for the independent filmmaker much as the original 35mm Arriflex gave more freedom to theatrical feature filmmaking.


Download the manual for the Eclair NPR aka Eclair 16mm here: Eclair NPR manual.

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Camera Title Date Sold for
eclair npr 16mm camera original brochures Eclair Npr 16mm Camera Original Brochures... 08/2021 $139.90
cine c mount to canon eos ef lens mount adapter Cine C Mount To Canon Eos Ef Lens Mount Adapter... 10/2021 $46.95
contax yashica c y cy lens to c mount 16mm film Contax Yashica C Y Cy Lens To C Mount 16mm Film... 09/2021 $22.05
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more11/2021-.--
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