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Camera Title Date Sold for
super cosina 100 500mm f5 6 8 mc lens nikon ai 374 Super Cosina 100 500mm F5 6 8 Mc Lens Nikon Ai 374... 01/2022 $62
argus cosina model 708 film camera as is untested Argus Cosina Model 708 Film Camera As Is Untested... 12/2021 $99
super cosina 100 500mm f 5 6 8 mc macro telephoto Super Cosina 100 500mm F 5 6 8 Mc Macro Telephoto... 10/2021 $90
argus cosina model 736 super 8 film camera case Argus Cosina Model 736 Super 8 Film Camera Case... 12/2021 $50
argus cosina model 708 film camera case super 8 Argus Cosina Model 708 Film Camera Case Super 8... 11/2021 $50
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more01/2022-.--

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tristan - July 2, 2021
Hi! I have just got my hands on a Cosina HOL-7310 super 8. I was wondering if anyone had any information about what batteries this would take? The batteries seem to go in the handle of the camera Cheers, Tristan
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Johntristan - July 7, 2021
I would guess AA batteries?