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Andre - June 28, 2020
Hello, Is it Kodak Ektachrome 160 sound color movie film compatible with 1960 Chinon Dart 5x camera, which uses kodak ektachrome 40 movie film type A? Can I use a sound film cartridge in a non sound camera? Thanks.
JohnAndre - June 28, 2020
Hi there! No, you can't use sound film in a non sound camera. The sound cartridge is bigger and won't fit.
AndreJohn - July 1, 2020
Dear John, thank you so much for you answer. I'd like to shoot some material with films, I don't want to use digital camera. What camera would you recommend me to buy? I need one which uses contemporary films. (English is not my native language, excuse my chosen words). I don't want a new one nither; I'd like some kind of oldie but with regular films I can get in a store. Thank you so much for your time. I'm from Argentina, btw.
JohnAndre - July 2, 2020
Welcome to the world of super 8mm :-) It's important to read a bit about this format. It's so much different than digital. One film contains about 3 minutes of film, and you have to process them, like an old roll of camera film, so it can get quite expensive... Read here more about cameras: what super 8 camera to buy.