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The Canon 514XL-S (introduced in 1976) is a compact sound super 8 movie camera and was Canon's first sound camera. It became a long-selling hit because of the sophisticated sound system which has manual and automatic audio level controls. Unfortunately sound cartridges aren't available anymore, but you can still use this camera to record sound externally because it's more quiet than non-sound cameras.

canon 514xl-s


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Download here the Canon 514XL-S manual (PDF).


Lens Focal Length/Speed: 9 - 45mm f/1.4
Zooming Ratio: 5x
Focusing: Manual, 1.2 m to infinity
Macro Shooting
Zooming Power zooming (Approx. 8 sec.) and manual zooming
Filter size 43 mm
Viewfinder Single-lens reflex type
Rangefinder Split-image
Viewfinder Information Aperture value
Over/under exposure
Film transport indicator
Battery check/film end
Recording level indication
Exposure Control TTL Servo EE with a CdS exposure meter
Automatic aperture setting
Metering Range ISO 250, f/1.4, 18 fps - ISO 25, f/32, 24 fps
Film Speed Automatic ISO setting
Tungsten type film: ISO 40, 160 and 250
Daylight type film: ISO 25, 100 and 160
CCA Filter Built-in Color Conversion filter A. Can be manually and automatically cancelled with loading of a daylight type film cartridge
Manual Aperture Control Exposure is fixed while the EE lock lever is pressed down for exposure compensation
Filming Speed 18, 24 fps and single frame (silent cartridge only)
Shutter opening 220 degrees
Remote Control 2.5 mm diameter mini jack. Remote control is enabled with a remote control switch
Power Source Six AA batteries in the handle
Weight 1390 g (Body only), 1495 g (incl. batteries)
Updated: 17 March 2020

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canon 514xl s super 8 sound film movie camera Canon 514xl S Super 8 Sound Film Movie Camera... 10/2021 $479.90
canon canosound 514xl s super8 8mm film movie Canon Canosound 514xl S Super8 8mm Film Movie... 10/2021 $339.99
canon 514xl s canosound super8 8mm film movie Canon 514xl S Canosound Super8 8mm Film Movie... 10/2021 $328.90
canon 514xl s super 8 8mm film movie camera japan Canon 514xl S Super 8 8mm Film Movie Camera Japan... 10/2021 $289.99
canon canosound 514xl s super 8 8mm film movie Canon Canosound 514xl S Super 8 8mm Film Movie... 09/2021 $299.90
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Iftekhar - August 8, 2021
Hi I have a opportunity to get a Canon 514 XL-S camera. This is a sound camera and need sound super-8 film cartridge. As we know, super-8 sound film cartridges are no longer in production and not available. So, my question is Can I use silent Kodak Super-8 films now available in market in the sound camera?
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JohnIftekhar - August 9, 2021
Yes, you can use silent film without any problems.