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Canon 310 for sale

The Canon 310XL is a versatile super 8 camera. Small and flexible, this camera fits in your pocket and can be used in many different settings: weddings, sports, art projects, holidays, and much more. Suitable for low-light conditions with a very fast zoom-lens. First marketed in 1975, this camera is still a popular option for beginner and advanced filmmakers.

The Canon 310XL has a 8.5 mm. to 25.5 mm. f/1.0 zoom lens with reflex viewfinder but no rangefinder. The plastic body makes it quite light and easy to carry. Filming speeds: 18 fps and single frame with automatic exposure.

It has a f/1.0 XL eXtended Light aperture for extreme low-light conditions.

This super 8 camera is compact and light-weight and enables shooting dark subjects and indoor shooting without extra light.

Canon 310xl


Type Super 8 type 8mm movie camera
Image Size 4.2 x 5.7 mm
Film Super 8 film cartridge
Focal Length/Speed 8.5- 25.5mm f/1.0 (13 elements in 11 groups). Spectra-coating.
Zooming Ratio 3x
Focusing Manual (Front lens group rotating method) Guess Focusing, 1.2 m to infinity
Macro Shooting Close distance shooting by turning the zoom ring to "Macro". Close-up shooting at approx. 215 mm from the film plane mark is possible when the focusing ring is set at infinity. Field of view: approx. 84.4 x 118 mm
Zooming Power zooming (approx. 6 sec. at 18 fps) coupled to film drive and manual zooming with zooming ring. Rotation angle: Approx. 90 degrees.
Filter Size 43 mm
Viewfinder Single-lens reflex aerial image type (built-in eyecup)
Rangefinder Not available
Dioptric Adjustment -4 to +2 diopter
Viewfinder Information Under exposure mark, film transport, battery check and macro
Exposure control TTL Servo EE with a CdS exposure meter. Automatic aperture setting coupled to loaded film speed and filming speed. Built-in sliding type exposure control plate.
Metering Range ISO 250, f/1.0, 18 fps
ISO 25, f/45, 18 fps and single frame
Film Speed Automatic ISO setting by film cartridge
Tungsten type film: ISO 40, 160 and 250
Daylight type film: ISO 25, 100 and 160
CCA Filter Built-in color conversion filter A. The CCA filter is automatically cancelled when loaded with a daylight type film cartridge. Manual cancellation of the CCA filter is possible.
Film drive High performance micro-motor
Filming Speed 18 fps and single frame
Power Source Two AA batteries for film drive, power zooming and exposure metering.
Battery Life Approx. 5 cartridges under normal temperature and one cartridge for single frame.
Footage Counter Counts up. Automatic resetting by unloading of a cartridge.
Battery Check A lamp in the viewfinder activated by the battery check button.
Shutter Opening 220 degrees
Release Socket Cable release socket
Main Switch Three way switch for on, off and single frame. Works as a safety lock also.
Safety Device Switch indications for battery power saving and preventing mistakes on shooting, various viewfinder information to prevent mistakes on shooting
Grip Folding type.
Dimensions (W x H x D) 39 x 112 x 176 mm
Weight 545 g (Body only), 580 g (Including batteries)

Canon 310xl manual

canon 310xl

Want to know more about this camera or are you looking for the instructions? Download here the Canon 310XL manual (pdf).

Sample movies

Watch some Canon 310XL sample movies in different light situations and explanation films here on YouTube.

Updated: 17 March 2020
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Canon 310 forum

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Joseph - May 11, 2020
Hi! Looking for an answer I purchased a Canon 310xl and there is not picture through my viewfinder. All I see is lift coming in but no picture. as if there was a bed sheet or a piece of paper between the viewfinder and lens. I'm new to this so maybe I missed a step but any help is much appreciated!! Thanks!
JohnJoseph - May 13, 2020
First try cleaning the lens in the viewfinder very well, and adjust the sharpnes. If I'm not mistaken you can turn the lens or a plastic ring around the lens, to adjust to your eyes. Otherwise I'm afraid it sounds like the little mirror in the viewfinder shifted. If the camera is stored in a warm place, like for example an attic, the heat could have melted the glue of this mirror and caused the mirror to move.