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Bolex 16mm Camera for sale

Bolex is a Swiss manufacturer of motion picture cameras, the most notable products of which are in the 16mm and Super 16mm formats. Their cameras were (and still are) much used by adventurers and artists for nature films and documentaries, and are still favoured by many animators.


While some later models are electrically powered, the majority of those manufactured since the 1930s use a spring-wound clockwork power system. The 16mm spring-wound Bolex is a popular introductory camera in film schools.

In 1935 the Bolex H16 was put on the market, the 9.5mm version followed in 1936 and the Double-8mm version in 1938. The H-16 was highly successful. Paillard-Bolex introduced the L-8 for the market of pocket 8mm film cameras. With the postwar boom in home movie making, Paillard-Bolex continued to develop its 8mm and 16mm ranges with the H-16 increasingly adopted by professional film makers. The company also made a successful range of high-end movie projectors for all amateur film making gauges. [source: wikipedia].

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Note: don't forget to check if the camera you want to buy has a double sprocket drive system. These take only double-perforated 16mm film. Unless you want to film exclusively on (very) expired film, better go for a camera with a serial number greater than 76471 (after 1952). These will take single-perforated film.

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