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Beaulieu R16 for sale on eBay
Beaulieu R16 16mm
Beaulieu R16 16mm Movie Camera Body
Super 8 8mm 16mm
Super 8 8mm 16mm Bits Including
4 16mm Camera
4 16mm Camera Daylight Film Spool
France Beaulieu R16
France Beaulieu R16 16mm Movie
$1 499,00
Gorgeous Mint France
Gorgeous Mint France Beaulieu R16
New Eyepiece Eyecup
New Eyepiece Eyecup Fits Bolex H16
Camera Cinema
Camera Cinema Beaulieu R16 Avec
Camera Cinema
Camera Cinema Beaulieu R16 Lens
Beaulieu R16 16mm
Beaulieu R16 16mm Film Cine
Cine Movie Camera
Cine Movie Camera Beaulieu R 16 And
New Eyepiece Eyecup
New Eyepiece Eyecup Fits Bolex H16
In Stock New
In Stock New Universal Eyepiece
Rare 200 16mm Camera
Rare 200 16mm Camera Film Spool
Choose Grey Or Black
Choose Grey Or Black Eyecup
Beaulieu 4008 Zm Ii
Beaulieu 4008 Zm Ii 24fps Sync 16x9
$4 499,00
16mm Film Spool 100
16mm Film Spool 100 Canister B H
Beaulieu R16 Mit
Beaulieu R16 Mit Fujinon 17 5 105mm
Beaulieu R16 Reflec
Beaulieu R16 Reflec Cine Camera
Rare Camera Dimaphot
Rare Camera Dimaphot Type A 16
Movie Camera
Movie Camera Beaulieu R16 Automatic
$1 000,00
Beaulieu News 16mm
Beaulieu News 16mm Zoom Angénieux
$2 595,67
Beaulieu R 16
Beaulieu R 16 Angenieux 25 2 2 75 2
16mm Filmkamera
16mm Filmkamera Beaulieu R16
$1 862,11
Rare R16 Manual
Rare R16 Manual Turret Angenieux 17
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The Beaulieu R16 takes a 100ft magazine inside, or can be used with an external 200ft 'mouse ears' magazine which sits on top of the camera. The cameras support speeds from a single frame up to 64fps, and some models have an auto-focus function (which only works with the correct lens). Most R16s also have a built-in light meter, although it's very basic.

The Beaulieu R16 can be used to shoot sync sound (it has a sync mechanical sync output), however they tend to be a bit noisy in a confined space. The magazines are notoriously fiddly to load, so you need to make sure you do all your loading in a comfortable place with plenty of time.

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