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beaulieu 4008 zm ii 24fps sync 16x9 gate
Beaulieu 4008 Zm Ii 24fps Sync 16x9 Gate
$4 499,00
beaulieu r16 cine camera angenieux 12
Beaulieu R16 Cine Camera Angenieux 12
$1 750,00
movie camera beaulieu r16 automatic zoom
Movie Camera Beaulieu R16 Automatic Zoom
$1 000,00
france beaulieu r16 16mm movie camera som
France Beaulieu R16 16mm Movie Camera Som
carl meyer 38mm f 1 0 c mount m25 sharp
Carl Meyer 38mm F 1 0 C Mount M25 Sharp
beaulieu r16 mit fujinon 17 5 105mm f 1 8
Beaulieu R16 Mit Fujinon 17 5 105mm F 1 8
beaulieu r76 16mm vintage movie camera 3
Beaulieu R76 16mm Vintage Movie Camera 3
beaulieu r8 r16 automatic 8mm movie camera
Beaulieu R8 R16 Automatic 8mm Movie Camera
hd viewfinder video camera tap dv recorder
Hd Viewfinder Video Camera Tap Dv Recorder
schneider kreuznach 2 0 16 80mm variogon c
Schneider Kreuznach 2 0 16 80mm Variogon C
beaulieu r 16 200ft magazine
Beaulieu R 16 200ft Magazine
black angenieux 75mm 2 5 type p3 c mount
Black Angenieux 75mm 2 5 Type P3 C Mount
cine nikkor 25mm 1 4 c mount m25 super 16
Cine Nikkor 25mm 1 4 C Mount M25 Super 16
beaulieu r16 16mm film cine original
Beaulieu R16 16mm Film Cine Original
c mount fish eye lens for french super 8
C Mount Fish Eye Lens For French Super 8
schneider xenon 25mm 2 5cm 1 5 c mount for
Schneider Xenon 25mm 2 5cm 1 5 C Mount For
samoca 25mm f 1 1 c mount m25 fast sharp
Samoca 25mm F 1 1 C Mount M25 Fast Sharp
cine nikkor 25mm 1 8 c mount m25 super16
Cine Nikkor 25mm 1 8 C Mount M25 Super16
angenieux 75mm 2 5 c mount lens super 16
Angenieux 75mm 2 5 C Mount Lens Super 16
beaulieu r16 16mm movie camera body
Beaulieu R16 16mm Movie Camera Body
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The Beaulieu R16 takes a 100ft magazine inside, or can be used with an external 200ft 'mouse ears' magazine which sits on top of the camera. The cameras support speeds from a single frame up to 64fps, and some models have an auto-focus function (which only works with the correct lens). Most R16s also have a built-in light meter, although it's very basic.

The Beaulieu R16 can be used to shoot sync sound (it has a sync mechanical sync output), however they tend to be a bit noisy in a confined space. The magazines are notoriously fiddly to load, so you need to make sure you do all your loading in a comfortable place with plenty of time.

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