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The Beaulieu R16 takes a 100ft magazine inside, or can be used with an external 200ft 'mouse ears' magazine which sits on top of the camera. The cameras support speeds from a single frame up to 64fps, and some models have an auto-focus function (which only works with the correct lens). Most R16s also have a built-in light meter, although it's very basic.

The Beaulieu R16 can be used to shoot sync sound (it has a sync mechanical sync output), however they tend to be a bit noisy in a confined space. The magazines are notoriously fiddly to load, so you need to make sure you do all your loading in a comfortable place with plenty of time.

Beaulieu R16 cine camera

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Camera Title Date Sold for
fedex as is beaulieu r16 automatic 16mm movie Fedex As Is Beaulieu R16 Automatic 16mm Movie... 11/2021 $300
beaulieu r16 replacement heavy duty battery pack Beaulieu R16 Replacement Heavy Duty Battery Pack... 12/2021 $165
beaulieu r16mm reflex movie camera sold in as is Beaulieu R16mm Reflex Movie Camera Sold In As Is... 10/2021 $130
heavy duty external battery for beaulieu r16 2008 Heavy Duty External Battery For Beaulieu R16 2008... 01/2022 $165
10 gray bolex h16 h8 k2 beaulieu 16mm cameras 10 Gray Bolex H16 H8 K2 Beaulieu 16mm Cameras... 10/2021 $100
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more01/2022-.--

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Art - December 18, 2021
I have Beaulieu r16 w Angenuie 12-120, 2.8 lens, excellent condition with case, filters, audio sync $2,300 final
Scott - April 18, 2021
Hi there I have 2 x Beaulieu R16's I'm thinking of selling. 1 is mint - used by me in full working order with original metal Beaulieu flight case 12-120 Angeniuex with lens hood all the brochures etc and original receipt from Beaulieu. Even original gate cleaning brushes etc. Original charger and batt. full working order.. The other is great condition. Again all zoom controls and auto exposure working but i haven't run film through it. 64mm Angenuieux on it. Non standard but sturdy professional metal charging unit on it that charges the battery. Again comes with the original instruction manual and screw key and orange air blower as above. I also hav a spare handle (that just stopped working recently - think needs a rewire and a battery with that that has aways taken charge OK.. Wondered would you be interested in any of these items I can send pictures... thanks
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ConnorScott - May 12, 2021
Hi Scott, I'd be interested, send me an email through my website please www.gurrmedia.com