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beaulieu 6008 super 8 camera 12 5 75mm 1 8 300mm 4 Beaulieu 6008 Super 8 Camera 12 5 75mm 1 8 300mm 4... 06/2021 $415.00
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices10/2021-.--
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Miguel - July 26, 2021
Great information site Quick question, can you playback a tape using the same camera? I took a look at the manual but it doesn't seem to have that option Thanks in advance
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JohnMiguel - July 27, 2021
It's not a video camera so there are no tapes involved. The super 8 cartridge has to be sent to a lab for processing, like a 35mm camera film roll. Then it's ready for projection or transfer to digital video. So no playback using the camera.
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