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Did you know the Beaulieu 4008 is one of the most sought Beaulieu cameras? Not the 2008, or the top of the class 6008 PRO, no, it's the 4008. And with a good reason: it's a versatile camera packed with features.

There are quite a lot of different models: 4008 M 3, 4008 S, 4008 ZM, 4008 ZM 2 and the 4008 ZM 4. Here I'll describe some specs of the Beaulieu 4008 ZM 2.

Quote: "No other Super 8 raises stronger passions among the faithful. You either love it or you love to hate it. For many Super 8 shooters a ZMII equipped with a Schneider-Kreuznach Optivaron 6-6mm. macro zoom represents nothing less than the Holy Grail of Super 8 cameras."


Sample movies

You can find plenty of footage, filmed with this camera on youtube: Beaulieu 4008 sample movies.

Manual and parts

Download here a copy of the Beaulieu 4008 ZMII manual (PDF, 4.5 Mb)

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Updated: 1 February 2021

Beaulieu 4008 value and price guide

What's your Beaulieu 4008 worth, or what would you expect to pay? Here are some recently sold items with prices.

Camera Title Date Sold for
beaulieu 4008 zm ii super 8 film camera serviced Beaulieu 4008 Zm Ii Super 8 Film Camera Serviced... 12/2021 $1099
beaulieu 4008 zm ii super 8 movie camera complete Beaulieu 4008 Zm Ii Super 8 Movie Camera Complete... 11/2021 $629
beaulieu 4008zmll super 8mm camera w schneider 6 Beaulieu 4008zmll Super 8mm Camera W Schneider 6... 10/2021 $461
beautiful beaulieu 4008 zm ii angenieux 8 66mm f1 Beautiful Beaulieu 4008 Zm Ii Angenieux 8 66mm F1... 12/2021 $442
beaulieu 4008 zm ii super 8 camera schneider Beaulieu 4008 Zm Ii Super 8 Camera Schneider... 11/2021 $315
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more01/2022-.--

Beaulieu 4008 forum

Questions or stories? Share them here.

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Paul - April 17, 2021
Hi I am thinking about buying a 4008, and would like to find out why they are so highly appreciated. Thank you
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JohnPaul - April 23, 2021
Very good question, and I don't know the answer. Personally I'm a big fan of the Nizo Macro series (561, 801) because they have more features than the Beaulieu. I once had a 4008 but it didn't work because of battery problems (they don't take AA's like the Nizo). I know other film makers swear by them though, and they seem to be very sturdy plus the slow motion is excellent. ...and they look much cooler than the Nizo ;-)
Lonzo - January 18, 2021
Beaulieu 4008zm I would like to know how and where to get parts to build a batterypack. thanks I really enjoy your site. its full of informative info.