Beaulieu 4008 for sale on eBay:
beaulieu 4008 zm ii 24fps sync 16x9 gate
Beaulieu 4008 Zm Ii 24fps Sync 16x9 Gate
$4 499,00
5x movie camera beaulieu s 2008 3008 s
5x Movie Camera Beaulieu S 2008 3008 S
$1 900,00
beaulieu 4008zm movie camera angenieux
Beaulieu 4008zm Movie Camera Angenieux
hd viewfinder video camera tap dv recorder
Hd Viewfinder Video Camera Tap Dv Recorder
hd fujica zc1000 rebel ti2 reflex super 8
Hd Fujica Zc1000 Rebel Ti2 Reflex Super 8
beaulieu 4008zm4 super 8mm camera macro
Beaulieu 4008zm4 Super 8mm Camera Macro
acs model bl 15mm rod support for beaulieu
Acs Model Bl 15mm Rod Support For Beaulieu
heavy duty external battery for beaulieu
Heavy Duty External Battery For Beaulieu
beaulieu 4008 zm super 8 camera body
Beaulieu 4008 Zm Super 8 Camera Body
caméra beaulieu 4008zm pour pièces
Caméra Beaulieu 4008zm Pour Pièces
caméra beaulieu 4008zm pour pièces
Caméra Beaulieu 4008zm Pour Pièces
sony ccd video film transfer lipstick
Sony Ccd Video Film Transfer Lipstick
beaulieu 4008 reglomatic zoom control
Beaulieu 4008 Reglomatic Zoom Control
video viewfinder assistant camera tap
Video Viewfinder Assistant Camera Tap
beaulieu 4008 replacement battery pack
Beaulieu 4008 Replacement Battery Pack
beaulieu 4008 zm4 italian instruction
Beaulieu 4008 Zm4 Italian Instruction
beaulieu 4008 battery pack adapter
Beaulieu 4008 Battery Pack Adapter
beaulieu recharge unit charger 4008 0 101
Beaulieu Recharge Unit Charger 4008 0 101
beaulieu recharge unit ladegerät 4008 0
Beaulieu Recharge Unit Ladegerät 4008 0
beaulieu 5008s 10m remote control cord
Beaulieu 5008s 10m Remote Control Cord
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There are quite a lot of different 4008 models: 4008 M 3, 4008 S, 4008 ZM, 4008 ZM 2 and the 4008 ZM 4.

Here I'll describe the specs of the Beaulieu 4008 ZM 2.

Beaulieu 4008 ZM II

Beaulieu 4008 ZM II manual

Download here the Beaulieu 4008 ZM II manual (PDF, 4.5 Mb)

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Beaulieu 4008 value

What's it worth? Take a look at this list of: sold Beaulieu 4008 for a value indication.

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