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Looking for a professional movie camera? Consider buying an Arriflex 16mm.

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Camera Title Date Sold for
used arriflex 435 4 perf camera package Used Arriflex 435 4 Perf Camera Package... 09/2021 $8 175.00
arriflex 35mm arri iii motion picture camera Arriflex 35mm Arri Iii Motion Picture Camera... 09/2021 $6 295.00
arri arriflex 16 sr ii srii sr2 vario sonnar 10 Arri Arriflex 16 Sr Ii Srii Sr2 Vario Sonnar 10... 08/2021 $3 699.99
arriflex arri 2c iic 35mm movie film camera Arriflex Arri 2c Iic 35mm Movie Film Camera... 07/2021 $3 400.00
super rare overhauled excelle arriflex 16 16mm Super Rare Overhauled Excelle Arriflex 16 16mm... 09/2021 $3 195.83
no pictureSee all sold items for more prices10/2021-.--
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Arriflex for sale on eBay
Arriflex 16st 16mm
Arriflex 16st 16mm Professional
Arriflex 16sr Full
Arriflex 16sr Full Camera Package 2
Arriflex 16st 16mm
Arriflex 16st 16mm Film Movie
Arriflex 16bl W
Arriflex 16bl W Crystal Sync
20 bids
Arri Sr Arriflex
Arri Sr Arriflex Sr16 Full Camera
1960s Arriflex 16mm
1960s Arriflex 16mm Camera Brochure
Sale Pl Mount Arr
Sale Pl Mount Arr Iii Arriflex 35mm
Arriflex 16sb W
Arriflex 16sb W Zeiss Vario Sonnar
Arriflex 16 Mm Film
Arriflex 16 Mm Film Camera Hand
Arri Arriflex 16 Sr
Arri Arriflex 16 Sr 16mm Movie
Arriflex 16 Movie
Arriflex 16 Movie Camera Film
Near Mint Case Arri
Near Mint Case Arri Arriflex 16st
Arri Arriflex 16 M
Arri Arriflex 16 M Movie Camera And
6 Arriflex 16s Cine
6 Arriflex 16s Cine Camera P
Tripod Camera Heavy
Tripod Camera Heavy Wooden 50s 50 S
Rarity First Ussr
Rarity First Ussr 16mm Reflex Cine
Arri Arriflex 16mm
Arri Arriflex 16mm Film Magazine
1966 Arriflex 16m
1966 Arriflex 16m New Quick Change
Arriflex C Movie
Arriflex C Movie Camera
Arriflex 16 Motion
Arriflex 16 Motion Picture Camera
Arriflex 35mm Arri
Arriflex 35mm Arri Iii Motion
Arri Arriflex 16mm
Arri Arriflex 16mm 16s B 16sb Gs
Arri Arriflex 16
Arri Arriflex 16 16mm Mos
1966 Arriflex 16mm
1966 Arriflex 16mm Camera
Arriflex Sr2 Super
Arriflex Sr2 Super 16mm Full
Arriflex Sr16 Camera
Arriflex Sr16 Camera Film Gate
Arriflex 16sr Full
Arriflex 16sr Full Camera Package
Arriflex 16mm Movie
Arriflex 16mm Movie Camera Set 16st
Cla D Near Mint
Cla D Near Mint Arriflex 16 St
Arriflex 16st
Arriflex 16st Variable Motor Movie
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