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Arri introduced the Arriflex 16S (also called the 16ST) in 1952, and it was the first professional 16mm camera with a reflex viewing system. Like their earlier models, the Arri 16S was built around the spinning reflex twin-bladed "butterfly" mirror shutter, set at 45 degrees horizontally to the lens axis. The camera uses a 3-lens turret with ARRI standard mounts. The viewfinder is located on the gate door. The 16S was one of ARRI's most popular cameras, and over 20k were sold. Later, the company added "ST" (for standard) to distinguish the 16S from other Arri cameras.

arriflex 16s 16mm camera

Features & specs

Note: the company released a similar camera in 1960, the Arriflex 16M. This camera only uses 400ft magazines and can't be loaded with internal spools.


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Camera Title Date Sold for
arriflex 16st 16mm film movie camera battery Arriflex 16st 16mm Film Movie Camera Battery... 08/2021 $1 999.99
super exc arriflex 16st st 16mm movie camera w Super Exc Arriflex 16st St 16mm Movie Camera W... 09/2021 $1 000.00
arriflex 16 s 16st sn 9016 16mm camera 90 eyepiece Arriflex 16 S 16st Sn 9016 16mm Camera 90 Eyepiece... 10/2021 $610.00
motor for cinecamera arriflex 16st cn 15988 Motor For Cinecamera Arriflex 16st Cn 15988... 09/2021 $200.00
arri variable speed motor for arriflex 16st 16sb Arri Variable Speed Motor For Arriflex 16st 16sb... 10/2021 $99.99
no pictureBrowse all sold items on eBay for more11/2021-.--
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