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Arriflex 16bl for sale on eBay
Arriflex Arri 16bl
Arriflex Arri 16bl 16mm
$1 199,99
Arriflex Arri 16bl
Arriflex Arri 16bl Magazine Port
Arriflex 16bl
Arriflex 16bl Professional Camera
$1 200,00
Gray Arriflex
Gray Arriflex Eyepiece 2b 2c 16s
Arri 16 Bl Sound
Arri 16 Bl Sound Barney In Good
Arri 16bl Sales
Arri 16bl Sales Leaflet Mid To Late
Rare Arri Filter
Rare Arri Filter Schutzglas 3 X 3
Arriflex 16 Bl Sales
Arriflex 16 Bl Sales Brochure
Film Camera
Film Camera Accessories Arriflex
Arri Arriflex 16bl 4
Arri Arriflex 16bl 4 Piece Sales
Genuine Arriflex
Genuine Arriflex 16mm Magazine Port
Arri Optical Flat
Arri Optical Flat Arri 16bl Matte
New Arri Top Cap
New Arri Top Cap Arriflex 16m 16bl
Arriflex 2
Arriflex 2 Filmmagazine Fuer
Set Internal Cores
Set Internal Cores 16mm Magazine
Arriflex 16bl Filter
Arriflex 16bl Filter Schutzglas 3 X
Arnold Richter Kg
Arnold Richter Kg Motor Arri16 Bl
Arriflex 16bl Camera
Arriflex 16bl Camera Carl Zeiss
$2 200,00
Arriflex 16 Bl
Arriflex 16 Bl Kamera Single System
$6 319,88
Arri Arriflex 16 Bl
Arri Arriflex 16 Bl Film Magazin
Camera Arriflex 16
Camera Arriflex 16 Bl 16 Mm
$3 159,94
Magasin 120 Mètres
Magasin 120 Mètres Pour Camera
Arriflex 16 Bl Sy
Arriflex 16 Bl Sy Motor 25b Sec Nr
New Arri Top Cap
New Arri Top Cap Arriflex 16m 16bl
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"The Quiet 16 mm mirror-shutter professional motion picture camera for location synchronous sound filming"

On what considerations did Arri base the design of the ARRIFLEX 16 BL? First and foremost, the objective was to develop a QUIET camera, of professional caliber for location sound filming - a camera that would provide high quality sharp, steady pictures and operating economy Not least important, the design objectives also included versatility, convenience, compact light weight, and rugged reliable performance. [Excerpt from original brochure]


Need the instructions? Download a copy of the manual here (PDF 7 mb.)

arriflex 16bl
Updated: 13 March 2020
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