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The Arri SR3 was released in 1992. It was the latest and the only 16mm camera series that can support the Super 16 format in the 16SR series without modification to the Super 16 format. It appeared in two versions: "Advanced" (5 to 75 fps) and "HS" (High Speed, 5 to 150 fps). The ARRI SR3 is developed to meet all modern production requirements. With its off-set pl-mount it is easy to change the format from normal 16 to super 16.

Equipped with time code, the ARRIFLEX 16 SR 3 Advanced offers direct access to electronic post production. A manually adjustable mirror shutter and the smooth operation level of 20 dB(A) (+ 2 dB(A)) expand the working possibilities of this universal production camera.

arri sr3 advanced

The format change from normal 16 to super 16 is fast and simple. With the off-set design of the pl-mount, the center of the image is precisely adapted to the format required. This guarantees optimum lens performance for super16. To convert the universal film gate only a small change is necessary. There is no need for a new film gate, which also leaves the original adjustments untouched. Fibre optic screens with all common markings and format combinations can be interchanged quickly.

The new designed filmguide with sapphirerollers on both sides reduces filmdust development and enhances the image steadiness dramatically in telecine transfer.

The opening sector of the mirror shutter can be adjusted mechanically when camera is switched off. The most important opening sectors of 45°, 90°, 135°, 144°, 172.8° and 180° are locked and can also be indicated on the camera´s display. An automatic mirror shutter stop provides undisturbed viewing through the finder and a precise mirror position.


Updated: 5 December 2021

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