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Arriflex 16sr2 Pl Mount Movie
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Zeiss Arriflex 16 Sr2 1 8 10 100 Mm
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Arri Arriflex Sr2
Arri Arriflex Sr2 Magazine
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The Arriflex 16SR2 is a motion picture camera introduced in 1982 by Arri. This camera is designed for 16 mm filmmaking in Standard 16 format, although some are converted for Super 16. 'SR' Stands for Silent Reflex. The SR2 has a lower operational noise level than its predecessor, the 16SR.

arri sr2


Camera mountStandard 54mm PL mount
Magazine400 ft (120 m) coaxial quick-change magazine for use with film on bobby
"Winding B" or (with increased noise level) 200 ft (60 m) daylight loading spools
Shutter180 degrees one-piece, mirror shutter intersects optical axis 9 mm before the focal plane at 45 degrees, reflection upwards
Noise level+ 1 dB (A)
Power12 Volt
Connector: 4-pin DIN 15931
Motor driveDC quartz, 1500 rpm at 25 fps, 1440 rpm at 24 fps
Film speedsQuartz 24/25 fps
Variable speed unit (VSU) 5 -75 fps
Pilot toneDIN 15575, pilot frequency 50 or 60 Hz
WeightCamera body: 7.05 Ibs (3,2 kg)
Updated: 13 March 2020
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