Welcome to the world of Super 8 Camera dot com, the website where you can learn about the super 8mm film format and super 8 film cameras. Why? Because nothing beats the colors, depth and feel of celluloid and of course don't forget about the sound of a 8mm film projector in your living room: Curtains down, screen up and it's show time!

Super 8 or video?

From the beginning of the 1980s, video has taken over. But there is a growing community (yes, even in 2022) of enthusiasts who use the 8mm format for either projecting or transferring it to digital video for post-editing their 8mm movies. Kodak even introduced a new super 8 camera, though according to their website it's still in production (and it will probably be very expensive...). If you're not familiar with analog shooting, it would be best to start with a vintage camera like a Canon 310, 514xl, 814 or one from the Nizo series. First, we'll have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of filming on 8mm.



woman with super 8 camera

But don't let the disadvantages hold you back, because most importantly, filming on super 8 is fun! Besides, in the digital world, many film makers attempt to make video look like film and the fake 'film look' is not always accepted. Since super 8 is genuine film, it already has this film look by nature.

super 8 reel 30ft

On my website you'll find lots of info on super8 8mm. and a little about 16mm. movie making. All major super 8 camera manufacturers like Nizo, Canon, Beaulieu will be discussed

Find the latest film stock, and maybe you want to step into the world of DIY processing to process your own 8mm. film, learn more about different types of cameras and much more.

super 8mm is a great starting point to working with celluloid (analogue) film so start shooting today, you won't be disappointed :-)

16mm and 35mm

If 8mm isn't big enough or you want to expand to a bigger screen and bigger audience you can consider getting a 16mm camera or if you want to really let your artistic side show through, use a 35mm. camera, for example the LomoKino. Whatever you choose, happy filming on celluloid!