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godzilla super 8 destroy all monsters
Godzilla Super 8 Destroy All Monsters
super 8 scared stiff dean martin jerry
Super 8 Scared Stiff Dean Martin Jerry
lot of 2 super 8mm movies stanley cup
Lot Of 2 Super 8mm Movies Stanley Cup
island of mystery super 8mm color sound
Island Of Mystery Super 8mm Color Sound
super 8mm feature just tony 1922 tom mix
Super 8mm Feature Just Tony 1922 Tom Mix
horror sci fi super 8mm films set of 6
Horror Sci Fi Super 8mm Films Set Of 6
castle films war of the planets complete
Castle Films War Of The Planets Complete
ring classics super 8 8 mm boxing films 13
Ring Classics Super 8 8 Mm Boxing Films 13
lot of 2 super 8mm movies 1968 super bowl
Lot Of 2 Super 8mm Movies 1968 Super Bowl
dr cyclops super 8 8mm film reel complete
Dr Cyclops Super 8 8mm Film Reel Complete
super 8mm dr cyclops horror classic
Super 8mm Dr Cyclops Horror Classic
the mummy boris karloff super 8 8mm film
The Mummy Boris Karloff Super 8 8mm Film
super 8mm movie leader
Super 8mm Movie Leader
super 8 feature film movie digest island
Super 8 Feature Film Movie Digest Island
super 8 sound true lies 2x400ft arnold
Super 8 Sound True Lies 2x400ft Arnold
free shipping super 8 sound w c fields in
Free Shipping Super 8 Sound W C Fields In
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Have a 8mm. movie party!

Have your own 8mm. festival at home, buy a couple of campy super 8 movies, a cheap super 8 projector with or without sound and invite all your friends, success guaranteed!

There are many genres to choose frome: horror, zombie, sci-fi, comedy, cartoons and so on. You can also find documentaries or old home movies, which can can be very intriguing. Better: let your audience choose what to show and make sure the program doesn't take too long. Fill a table with your 8mm. collection and let your guests pick which they want to see. Show movies from 2 to max. 10 minutes.

In the old days up to the 1980s, you could hire or buy these films in special stores.

Old home movies

I've got a huge collection of super 8 movies and also some home-movies from the twenties till the eighties. These are often boring... but sometimes you find a gem and you will be flabbergasted what other amateur-film makers choose as subject. I have for example a home movie from around 1970. The former owner was on vacation in I think Austria and only filmed men with enormous mustaches! Close-up! These men obviously think it was strange they were filmed, you can see it on their faces. get that film projector up and running show some super 8 movies!

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