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super 8mm film movie battlestar galactica
Super 8mm Film Movie Battlestar Galactica
elmo 1200 ft super 8 aluminum reel like
Elmo 1200 Ft Super 8 Aluminum Reel Like
son of frankenstein boris karloff 1939
Son Of Frankenstein Boris Karloff 1939
d day on mars super 8 movie 8mm film 200
D Day On Mars Super 8 Movie 8mm Film 200
hell to eternity 8mm film reel super 8 ken
Hell To Eternity 8mm Film Reel Super 8 Ken
the mummy boris karloff 1932 super 8mm
The Mummy Boris Karloff 1932 Super 8mm
son of kong super 8 8mm home movies ken
Son Of Kong Super 8 8mm Home Movies Ken
smalltown idol movie super 8 8mm film 1967
Smalltown Idol Movie Super 8 8mm Film 1967
super 8 movies daredevils of the red
Super 8 Movies Daredevils Of The Red
walt disney cinderellas fairy godmother
Walt Disney Cinderellas Fairy Godmother
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Have a 8mm. movie party!

Have your own 8mm. festival at home, buy a couple of campy super 8 movies, a cheap super 8 projector with or without sound and invite all your friends, success guaranteed!

There are many genres to choose frome: horror, zombie, sci-fi, comedy, cartoons and so on. You can also find documentaries or old home movies, which can can be very intriguing. Better: let your audience choose what to show and make sure the program doesn't take too long. Fill a table with your 8mm. collection and let your guests pick which they want to see. Show movies from 2 to max. 10 minutes.

In the old days up to the 1980s, you could hire or buy these films in special stores.

Old home movies

I've got a huge collection of super 8 movies and also some home-movies from the twenties till the eighties. These are often boring... but sometimes you find a gem and you will be flabbergasted what other amateur-film makers choose as subject. I have for example a home movie from around 1970. The former owner was on vacation in I think Austria and only filmed men with enormous mustaches! Close-up! These men obviously think it was strange they were filmed, you can see it on their faces. get that film projector up and running show some super 8 movies!

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