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general model pe 777 editor viewer tri 8
General Model Pe 777 Editor Viewer Tri 8
sansei 2808 argus dual eight movie editor
Sansei 2808 Argus Dual Eight Movie Editor
elmo editor 912 dual type super 8 8mm film
Elmo Editor 912 Dual Type Super 8 8mm Film
vernon 808 dual 8 movie film editor viewer
Vernon 808 Dual 8 Movie Film Editor Viewer
cavalier super 8 movie film editor viewer
Cavalier Super 8 Movie Film Editor Viewer
argus 2810 dual master editor viewer eight
Argus 2810 Dual Master Editor Viewer Eight
atlas warner super 8mm movie film editor
Atlas Warner Super 8mm Movie Film Editor
guillotine super 8 editor workshop slicer
Guillotine Super 8 Editor Workshop Slicer
kalart editor viewer ev super 8
Kalart Editor Viewer Ev Super 8
vernon 101 dual 8 movie editor regular
Vernon 101 Dual 8 Movie Editor Regular
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How to edit super 8 film

With this cheap device, you can easily scan your films for editing purposes or to quickly see what you want to transfer to video.

These units usually consist of a small low-watt bulb and two cranks for manually or electric winding.