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atlas warner super 8mm movie film editor
Atlas Warner Super 8mm Movie Film Editor
kalart super 8 editor viewer bm4
Kalart Super 8 Editor Viewer Bm4
satter dual deluxe 8 movie editor viewer
Satter Dual Deluxe 8 Movie Editor Viewer
vernon 101 dual 8 movie editor regular
Vernon 101 Dual 8 Movie Editor Regular
goko rm 3 super 8mm film sound silent
Goko Rm 3 Super 8mm Film Sound Silent
baia power view regular super 8 viewer
Baia Power View Regular Super 8 Viewer
working gaf 1333 8mm super 8mm movie
Working Gaf 1333 8mm Super 8mm Movie
paramont pmc super 8 editor
Paramont Pmc Super 8 Editor
atlas warner model 500 super 8 editor box
Atlas Warner Model 500 Super 8 Editor Box
elmo 912 dualtype 8mm super8 film editor
Elmo 912 Dualtype 8mm Super8 Film Editor
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How to edit super 8 film

With this cheap device, you can easily scan your films for editing purposes or to quickly see what you want to transfer to video.

These units usually consist of a small low-watt bulb and two cranks for manually or electric winding.