SUPER 8mm movie projectors

My #1, all-time-favorite projector brand is Eumig. Specifically the 600D-series. Eumig 600d, 605d, 607d, 614d, etc. Why? For several reasons:

I used these projectors a lot in clubs and at dance events. 5 in a row, set at 3 frames/sec. and you don't have to worry for the next couple of hours ;-)

eumig projector

Beware, I never had good luck with the Eumig Mark S (sound projector) series. I always looked for the D!

Where to buy?

Looking for a projector? Your best bet is finding the right one on eBay. Click here for super-8 projectors | Eumig projectors, or dual 8mm projectors (plays super-8 and normal-8) | 16mm projectors or for cheaper super 8mm editors and viewers for sale on ebay

Other websources for super-8 projectors are:, oaktreevintage, super8ireland (Ireland, UK) and

New 8mm. projector

Did you know that the Japanese company Gakken introduced a brand new dual 8mm. projector in 2008? Thats right! Here is the link to their (Google translated) page: Gakken 8mm projector.