One of the most loved brands in the super-8mm world, most Nizo cameras have features no other camera has. Look specifically for the models with the automatic B-function (480-801), with this function the camera exposes one frame as long as is necessary before going to the next frame. I made a stop-motion movie with a Nizo 481 from the moon going down during the night. Besides you can fully open the the shutter.

Nizo features

Takes Ektachrome 100D and newer stock?

Nizo S480, S560, S800, 481, 561, 801: YES

Nizo 106,116, S2, 136, 148, 156, Integral: NO

Just forget about the Nizo Integral serie.

Nizo for sale on eBay:
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801 film cine movie
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Braun s 800 film
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Braun s 800 super 8
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Braun 801 top of
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