This 16mm camera was often used for news reporting in the 1960s and 1970s. So it's no wonder that its name is derived from the word "scoop" in the jargon of news broadcasting!

Getting film for this camera is still fairly easy, batteries is another issue all together.

The Canon Scoopic 16M has a fast 6-time zoom lens(T/2.5. Focal length range from 12.5 to 75mm.) The object is kept in focus throughout the entire zooming. This cam will get you sharp pictures and true color reproduction. The finder is a parallax-free single-lens reflex type and the prism focusing glass assures easy focusing. The shutter release button provides light on the finder before shooting. You can obtain such useful info as T-stops and under-exposure and over-exposure warning marks.


Need an instruction manual? Download the Canon Scoopic 16M manual here (pdf).


Find more info about this camera on, Canon's online museum, reviews and forum.

Canon Scoopic value

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