Canon 310 for sale on eBay:
working canon 310xl super 8 movie camera
Working Canon 310xl Super 8 Movie Camera
canon 310xl super 8 film camera lens cap
Canon 310xl Super 8 Film Camera Lens Cap
canon 310 xl super 8 filmkamera zoom lens
Canon 310 Xl Super 8 Filmkamera Zoom Lens
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The Canon 310XL has a 8.5 mm. to 25.5 mm. f/1.0 zoom lens with reflex viewfinder but no rangefinder. It has a plastic body which makes it quite light and easy to carry, 18 f.p.s., single frame, and automatic exposure.

It has a f/1.0 XL eXtended Light aperture for extreme low-light conditions.

The Canon 310XL is a compact and light-weight super-8 camera which enables shooting shooting dark subjects and indoor shooting without any extra light.

canon 310xl

Want to know more? Download the canon 310XL manual (pdf).